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Sims 3 black screen start up

by Julie7974

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Sims 3 black screen start up

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I installed Custom Content before and its always ran fine but now (i installed a but more) and it loaded and when i went into create-a-sim ,sometimes it freezes so i didnt think anything of it well i restarted and now it wouldnt even start up its just a black screen withe load circle as the mouse and i tried uninstalling content and then the smaller window was a black screen so i tryied exiting out of it and it popped up with a "The Sims 3 is not working right now windows will notify you if a suloution if a suloution is availible" blah blah blah so i used a bunch of tutorials nothing really worked though


now its just a black window when it starts upConfusedmileyfrustrated:

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Re: Sims 3 black screen start up

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Re: Sims 3 black screen start up

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