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Sims 3 Stuck at loading screen (again!)

by Aptmass

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Re: Sims 3 Stuck at loading screen (again!)

@Aptmass Your first dxdiag has your computer with 50Gb of free space on the system drive. Your second dxdiag shows 38.9Gb of free space. Your system device has only 106Gb total space. you either need to create more free space or get a larger system device. While a small system drive would probably be ok for a business or student computer, games tend to use more temp files. If you frequently maintain an acceptable amount of free space you may get the game to run. If you have the game installed on the system device (CStandard smile try to uninstall and install on the data drive. Yes your game may run slower as the data drive is not a ssd device. Your page file (space on the system device used for virtual memory) may be too small as the size is determined on the size of the system device when the operating system in installed. I recommend a minimum of 500Gb for a system device for a gaming machine. IMO I feel you will continue to have issues until you replace the system device with a larger capacity device. The sooner the better. The price of ssds continue to go down making larger capacity ssd devices very affordable.


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Re: Sims 3 Stuck at loading screen (again!)

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I put my Sims 3 game on another drive because that one has 1TB

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Re: Sims 3 Stuck at loading screen (again!)

@Aptmass  Sorry for the late response.  There's still some strange information about your graphics card drivers, so it's best to do a clean uninstall of both drivers.  Instead of merely updating, this will remove all traces of the previous drivers before installing the new ones.  Here's how to do it:


First, download Display Driver Uninstaller from here:


Please download your drivers directly from the Dell support page for your computer.  Click "Show all 45 Downloads," and scroll down to the bottom, to where the Intel and Nvidia video drivers are listed.


Next, take your computer completely offline—disable wifi and/or pull the ethernet cord—and double-click the DDU.exe.  Take note of where the file will land, and click Extract.  If it's easier, you can copy the path (ctrl-C) and then paste it (ctrl-V) into the address bar in a File Explorer window.  Open the folder and then Display Driver Uninstaller.exe, and you'll get a message that you're not in Safe Mode.  Click OK, then go to Options and enable Safe Mode dialog.  Here's a screenshot of what your options should look like:



Choose GPU, then Nvidia, then click Clean and Restart.  Your computer will restart in normal mode.  Launch the DDU again, reboot into Safe Mode, and repeat the above steps, but this time, choose Intel instead of Nvidia in step 2.


Screen Shot 2019-06-22 at 5.55.56 PM.png


After your computer reboots into normal mode, still offline, you can install the Intel driver, then reboot, and then install the Nvidia driver and reboot again.  For the Nvidia driver, choose a custom install, and only install the driver and the PHYSX software.


If it helps, you can print this out, since you won't be able to go back online and have a look until you're done with the whole process.


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