Sims 3 Store world can't register/install

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Re: The sims 3 world bundle won’t work

@nathalia101010  I've merged your post with the master thread for issues using Store worlds.  Please see the first post on page one; the first section is a description of how to register and download the worlds.


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Re: The sims 3 world bundle won’t work

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Yeah but I cant register it because I didn’t get the code

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Re: The sims 3 world bundle won’t work

@nathalia101010  The emailed purchase confirmation should have included the product codes.  Please double-check that, and look for another email if the first one doesn't include any codes.  If you can't find any, you'll need to get a refund from EA.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Is EA support actually helpful for anyone?

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Towards the end of May, I purchased a sims 3 World's bundle from the EA app. It contains 3 codes, one for Monte Vista, one for Starlight Shores, and one for a chocolate fountain. I immediately went to the sims 3 website to redeem the codes but the Monte Vista one said it had already been used.

Since the 27th May I've been constantly in contact with people on the EA customer service team, none of whom seem in the least bit interested in even reading my query. Each new email is sent by another Indian-named person, then another, then another (10 IN TOTAL!), so each email I find myself re-explaining my issue as they either don't have access to - or don't seem interested in checking what I spoke to their colleagues about.

None of them seem to understand that the sims 3 website is an entirely different entity to the EA app, as for over a month every person has given me fixes related to the EA app. For weeks I've been going round in circles facing a brick wall of regurgitated information unable to get through to someone willing to actually listen to me and help me out.

I'm very frustrated that, considering the billions EA rakes in, I have to lose my money because they don't train their support team. Either that, or their entire team consists of people only capable of copy and paste.

I have provided them with proof of purchase, proof the sims 3 website doesn't accept the code, and proof that the world has not been redeemed to my account, but still they refer me to an EA page about finding lost content in the EA app. They either don't understand, or aren't reading, what I'm trying to tell them.

I'm stuck, and I don't know what to do now. How can they operate like this? Each time I've had an issue with an EA product I always run into this issue and end up giving up because they're so mind-numbingly inept.

Is there anywhere I can turn to for results or do I need to give up on this one?

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Re: Is EA support actually helpful for anyone?

@alicestasiaj  I've merged your post with the master thread for this issue.  Please see the first post on page one, which includes how to find the live chat option on the EA help site.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Sims 3 Store world can't register/install

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Sorry if I do this wrong but I bought roaring heights gold edition from the ea app like an hour ago and am not able to download it. I paid for it and was brought to the page for it again this time saying I owned it. I received an email with a product key and went to the sims 3 store to redeem it but got an error saying it has been redeemed already. I checked my account on the store and it said I didn't own that world and my purchase history didn't have it in there either. When I loaded up my game it was not there. I then used the link from the error message I got when trying to redeem the code to contact ea and selected Roaring Heights > PC >Codes and Promotions > Invalid code. Also noticed I could not login to my account and after clicking on the login an error message said I couldn't do anything concerning my account or make a case. However I did have the ability to pick a game and it lead me to a page that had me give my name and email and it suggested I ask here. I checked on here and saw that people are typically told to contact ea not here. I then saw on this thread that I can use Manage Account > Find missing game to get in contact better. After that I had a form to fill out that had a title and message which I did explaining my problem and even added screenshots showing I owned the game on the ea app and the error message I received. I then hit send but got an error message saying there was a problem "authenticating" something. I hit send again and got a new error message saying to reload so I saved the message by copying reloaded the page and pasted it back in, adding another title and adding the images again. I received the same error again so I removed the images and got the same error to reload the page. I did so and pasted the message back and added a new title but no images this time. I got the same error AGAIN and gave up and came here to write this...

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Re: Sims 3 Store world can't register/install

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Looking through this thread I did see at the bottom of the page that had me write an email there was a live chat option. I used this and through talking with someone they told me they made some changes which I did not notice and said the payment was waiting. I have my checking account give me text alerts whenever money goes in or out of my account so I know the payment has left my account. They told me it could be 3-5 business days for it to register. I guess I'll update if that happens or doesn't happen

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Re: Sims 3 Store world can't register/install

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Hi @ilikeblanket,


Please check over the Order History on your EA account- if this payment is now showing as complete, but your code is still coming up as invalid when you try to redeem it on, then you'll need to reach out to live support to request a refund on this purchase instead. Please reach out to live support again from the site here to request a refund on your purchase for Roaring Heights, if you have any issues reaching out to the team there, please let me know. 


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Re: Sims 3 Store world can't register/install

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@EA_SolaireAlright, I just talked with someone on live chat and asked them to refund it. Thank you I wish EA didn't hate Sims players Frown

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Purchased Content for Sims 3 but Unable to Play it

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I just purchased The Sims 3 Roaring Heights and Dragon Valley but no content is available to play. I went through the steps listed in the email confirmation and still I cant play the content. Ive gone to the Exchange where you would redeem the game code and when I put in the code for DV it tells me that ive already redeemed it and to look at my purchase history to download it, when i go to my history/purchases nothing for DV shows up...I only have one account and I cant find anything in my computer files at all to indicate where the game file is. I was able to get passed the redeem code of RH and actually even got to download it in my sims 3 game however, after downloading it again on the in menu dashboard and getting confirmation the download was successful nothing actually indicates I have the game. I dont have the worlds available and there is no in game content I can play with either. The EA app says I purchased the games but wont let me select play like how my other purchases have let  me after downloading. Ive restarted the sims 3 app as well as the EA app as well a few times, Im sort of at a loss here because the sims 3 site keeps giving me errors and there isnt really anything specific to my situation on any of the FAQ's. I just want to play my game add ons Frown 

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