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Sims 3: Sim icon blank, can't interact with Sim

by sujichan

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Re: Sims 3: Sim icon blank, can't interact with Sim

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So do I copy the .backup files to the .sims3 file, and delete unneeded files, or the .sims3 files to the .backup files and delete unneeded files?

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Re: Sims 3: Sim icon blank, can't interact with Sim

@Leighbaby13  Rather than delete anything, it's easier and less risky to just rename the backup file, deleting the .backup extension and giving it a name distinct from your normal save.  So if your save is called SunsetValley, its save folder will be SunsetValley.sims3, and the backup will be SunsetValley.sims3.backup.  If you rename the backup to SunsetValley1.sims3, you'll be able to load it from the Main Menu, and hopefully it won't have the same issue that your current save has.


If you still run into problems, please start your own thread and describe exactly what's happening.  This thread is quite old.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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