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Sims 3 Late Night Item Placement Bugs

by RPBProtonmail

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Sims 3 Late Night Item Placement Bugs

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Several items from the Sims 3 Late Night DLC WILL NOT PLACE for me on any lot. If I filter for Collections in the building menu and select the Late Night pack, on the third row down of items, currently everything from the Central Air Vent to the Dresser of Holding (This has just changed in the last 5 minutes) cannot be placed on my lot. I can see the items in the menu for selection, but when I click on them, it doesn't put the item in the hand cursor to be placed on the lot. Nothing happens. In the last 5 minutes a few new items from what it was before are now un-selectable. I've been trying to research this issue for DAYS not but cannot find a single shred of information on this issue. 


I have: 
Re-installed the Late Night DLC several times
Been able to actually use the neon signs before, but right now they are totally un-usable. 

Changed characters

Changed towns
Changed lots
Started a new game


What I really want to use is the Top Shelf Bar Shelving, but I have never ever been able to select it for building thus far. I would sincerely appreciate if someone with some useful ability to resolve this issue would reply to this or help or contact me in some way. I can be emailed at [edit: email address removed] or texted or called at [phone number deleted]. For this issue, I am available at ALL HOURS and am on PST. I don't want a refund, I want my content to work so I can finish building the lot in my game, so PLEASE ASSIST!!!!!!!!!!! 


Edited to remove phone number; it's best not to post private information on a public forum.  AHQ's filter automatically removed the email address.  -puzzlezaddict

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Re: Sims 3 Late Night Item Placement Bugs

@RPBProtonmail  I just checked the items you mentioned—thanks for the detailed description of how to find them, by the way—and they all placed just fine for me, including the Top Shelf Bar Shelving.  I'm assuming that you know not to try to place objects where they don't have enough room.  Among the things you tried, you didn't mention clearing the five cache files in your TS3 game folder in Documents.  They should be deleted regularly even when you're not having game issues, and every time you quit while you're troubleshooting.  For reference, those files are:

  • CASPartCache.package
  • compositorCache.package
  • scriptCache.package
  • simCompositorCache.package
  • socialCache.package

If this doesn't help, drag your entire TS3 game folder out of Documents\Electronic Arts and onto your desktop.  When you launch the game, a clean folder will be created, with no content and no corruption.  Start a new save and test again.  If you can place the items, then you can start moving content from your old game folder to your new one.  Do so in batches, testing each time to make sure you can still place the affected items.  (Be sure to keep deleting your cache files as well.)


If you have any mods or custom content, move those files first; they're the most likely offenders.  Common issues include using mods or cc not compatible with your patch level, or content that's just broken or poorly made in some way.


Some of the files don't need to be transferred; they'll be recreated as needed.  For the rest, here's a complete list of everything you'll find in your game folder, including descriptions of what you'll want to keep:


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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