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Sim4 Disappearing Objects Glitch

by Luckylyn09

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Sim4 Disappearing Objects Glitch

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After downloading Eco Lifestyle,  I have been having a problem where items keep disappearing.  For example, my sim will be sitting at the computer and then it will fade away.   This happens constantly.  The items don’t show up in inventory and are just gone.   This is frustrating.  Kitchen counters, computers, tables, chairs, couches, bookshelves etc... keep disappearing over and over again.

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Re: Sim4 Disappearing Objects Glitch

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@Luckylyn09 Hey! I got the same issue in one of my save games right after I got Eco Lifestyle! Not 100% but I think it's to do with the sharing is caring N.A.P (neighbourhood action plan). If it has been selected as one you can get your sim to try repeal it. I haven't tried this as I just haven't gone back to play that particular save game Frown ) You will probably have to check all your neighbourhoods in your save game too as it is a glitch. I was playing a certain house in Newcrest but the NAP was active in a different neighbourhood. Otherwise you could try moving your sim to a different save game (you can save the house/ sim into your gallery if you want to keep the same one). Hope this helps!
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