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Sim3 Crash from time to time, With no error Message on Screen

by LeoSalinas73

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Re: Sim3 Crash from time to time, With no error Message on Screen

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@puzzlezaddict Yeah seems like, I play today for several hours without trouble, i notice a small "thing" today, since we start this post im monitoring the CPU and Memory use of the program (Sims3) today almost reach 3.5Gb of ram use i notice a small "Slowdown and double shadow in the menu, in construction mode" usually when this happen the game will crash at some moment, i don't see the crash since i save and quit, i will start the game in a few moments and when the game starts again with that weird thing i will keep it running to see what happend, will keep you posted, thanks
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Re: Sim3 Crash from time to time, With no error Message on Screen

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@puzzlezaddictWell after several hours of play the game at last crash, i was monitoring carefully the USE of RAm, it go Boom when it reach 3.5GB, also i found the game make the error 12 when you try to save when you have the RAM USE over 3GB when it goes under 3GB the error 12 dont show up, you can save the game without problem, Seems like is the memory use.

I Change long ago the sims3.ini to use 8GB, but seems like it doesn't matter if we change it there, every time the game runs more than 3.2- 3.3 or 3.4GB it goes BOOM.

Any suggestion?

MemoryUsageLimit = 80000000

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Re: Sim3 Crash from time to time, With no error Message on Screen

@LeoSalinas73  That memory usage limit setting won't have any effect.  Sims 3 is a 32-bit app, so it can only ever use 4 GB RAM before it crashes.  The real limit is more like 3.7 GB, and if it hits that for even a second, it will crash or throw an error.  Saving takes more memory than regular gameplay, so your attempt to save can fail if you're anywhere near the RAM limit.  An Error 12 means the game is out of resources, usually memory but sometimes VRAM.


The only solution is to try to keep Sims 3's memory use as low as possible.  There are ways to manage RAM use, but if you see it approaching 3.5 GB, all you can do is save, quit (without saving, as a separate step), and reload.  Other things that will help:

  • Turn off memories in game options—they're a huge resource hog.
  • Disable the hidden object interactive loading screens and the in-game shopping experience.
  • Play offline, as in, turn off wifi and/or disconnect the ethernet cable.  You can sign into Origin first and put it in offline mode.
  • If you want to build or use Create a Sim, do it at the beginning of a play session, save your progress, then quit and restart.  Both CAS and Build/Buy use more resources than live play.
  • Even better, you can build or play with CAS in a new save, and then save your work to the in-game bin.  Then you can quit to desktop, relaunch, and place the sims or lots in your existing game.
  • Don't place too many objects on your sims' home lot.  If the house takes too many resources to render, you'll have less RAM left over.
  • Keep your sims' inventories relatively empty as well.  Having a few objects is fine, but hundreds can drive up memory use too.
  • Some player-made worlds use too much memory right at the beginning, and it's impossible to play them for very long before you run out of RAM.  When you start a new save, it shouldn't use much more than 2 GB RAM, even if you have all packs installed.  If it does, then that world is probably too large or too detailed to play properly.

You don't need to do all of this; just pick the options that you can live with and see how it goes.  Managing RAM use can be annoying, but once you get used to it, it's not too difficult.


Other than the suggestions above, certain NRaas mods can help.  ErrorTrap and Overwatch are great, but since you have all packs, you may want to add Traffic, which limits the spawning of vehicles in real time (Overwatch just cleans them up every night).  Register also helps with managing role sims.  And if your sims travel, it's a good idea to add Traveler as well; it makes the travel transition much more reliable, and it cleans up other vacation-related errors as well.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Sim3 Crash from time to time, With no error Message on Screen

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@puzzlezaddict ok I think My lot is the big one, and yeah i have tons of things in it, in fact when it happen the crash i was inside the house and trying to save, i will keep an eye of the memory and do the things you say,i will keep you posted
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