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Re: Sim won't go to work

by Naththehunter

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Re: Sim won't go to work

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OMG your amazing thank you so much!!!!
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Re: Sim won't go to work

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I have a question... it's similar to sonigirl13's question. The work outfit is corrupted but I can't fix it cause the whole button is gone.
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Re: Sim won't go to work

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I was having the same issue with the career outfit not being there to remove. So what I did was Change Outfit without the dresser and the career option was there and then I went back to Plan Outfit and was able to remove it.
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Re: Sim won't go to work

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Yep I tried that


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Re: Sim won't go to work

@Naththehunter  Can you be more specific about the issue you're having, and what you've tried already?  I'd be happy to help, if I knew where to start.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Sim won't go to work

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My sim in refusing to go into its house so i have to buy shower toilets and a kitchen outside of its house because my sim wont go indoors. I have taken her to the park and every time i try and make her go inside she stops and has the walking icon in a speech bubble with a red cross next to it. Why is this happening?

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Re: Sim won't go to work

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@madmax122133144  It sounds like a routing error, and one that seem to have a lot of different explanations and possible solutions. Is it just the house your sim cannot enter; or the park as well? Do you use mods and third party CC?

The first thing to try is exit the game and delete the caches in Sims 3 folder. They are called:


socialCache.package (optional)


They will regenerate each time you start the game, and should be deleted every time you exit the game when troubleshooting; and regularly otherwise.

You can then make a copy of your save to test on, by saving it using the option Save As under a new name, for instance "test". Exit the game, delete the caches, and load your test save.

Go into Edit Town, evict the household to the clipboard, copy the house to the library, bulldoze the house, place out your copied house on the lot, move your household in again - all in the same Edit Town session. The sims living there will loose their wishes and promises doing this.

There are more suggestions to try if this does not work.

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