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Re: Sim stuck tposing/resetting

by kreatora

Original Post

Sim stuck tposing/resetting

★ Novice
  • Hi all my sim keeps t posing or resetting.

it only started after I downloaded the university packs.


its not just in the university world or specific houses. I’ve. Tested that

Happens on moving in somwhere 


also stuck with have a sim pull an all nighter


reset sim cheat/debug/testing cheats doesnt do anything


it happens continuously so I can’t even get the bar to ask her to do somthing


she still is need decay


im at a loss, my computer is good enough to support the game.


thank you for what ever help you can give me xx

stay safe all and have a good weekend


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Re: Sim stuck tposing/resetting

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Go to the Origin/My game library - right-click on TS4 - option Repair
You have to wait until Origin will fix all packs, not only the base game.

If you have some mods or CC in the game move the mods folder to the desktop.
Find and delete localthumbcache.package file in the game folder. Delete also all folders with the word "cache" in the name.

Launch the game and check if you have still this problem.

I don't work for EA

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Re: Sim stuck tposing/resetting

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@kreatora Unfortunatly I’ve already tried to repair the game many times, I’ve deleted and redownloaded the game. I haven’t got any cc or mods and I’m at a loss. I was realy happy until this happened 😔
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Re: Sim stuck tposing/resetting

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Go to Documents/ElectronicArts - inside will be The Sims4 folder

Step 1. Move The Sims4 folder from Documents to the desktop
Step 2. Turn on the game - a new game folder will be created and you will have two - one old on the desktop and one new
Step 3. Check if you still have this problem in the newly created game folder. Start a new game with the random sim and go to the realm of magic with him.
If this problem disappeared:
Step 4. Delete in the new game folder following folders:
"saves" and Tray.
Step 5. Go to "The Sims 4" old folder and copy - your "saves " folder.
Step. 6. Paste this folder in a newly created game folder.
Step 7. Do the same with Tray folder and TrayDeleteItems file
Step. 8. Launch the game and check if this problem disappeared.

The last step - delete The Sims4 folder from the desktop

Your saves and library will be not changed or damaged

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