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Re: Sim doesn't arrive at University!!!

by puzzlezaddict

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Sim doesn't arrive at University!!!

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I bought my University expansion on release day. I already had a previous family I was working on and decided to send their daughter that recently grew into a young adult. She is a young adult witch. Everything works fine. The school mascot came and dropped off the freebies and what not and I made her take the aptitude test. She gained the full scholarship and received the opportunity to enroll into university via smart phone or computer. I made her call to enroll into university right away and she went and grabbed her suitcase and left for University while her parents sent her off. But after all of that, that's when the problem occurred. After the usual loading screen I was flown through University to look at its beauty but when it moved up into birds eyeview it looked like I was starting a new town!! I didn't get the option to choose what dorm to move in to, but the options you get when you move into a new world like create a sim and choose existing household and place a sim. I tried everything to try and make this work for me, but it came up the same everytime. I tried to move in two sims to Uni and different sims. Tried make her even not a supernatural sim but nothing seems to work. Im really REALLY hoping for a fix for this. It's fustrating not being able to play the game that I spent money on. Please help me.

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Re: Sim doesn't arrive at University!!!

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@MuffinMitten Hi...did you ever get this issue resolved?
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Re: Sim doesn't arrive at University!!!

@Annette99  This thread is six years old, and the original poster is probably not coming back.  But if you describe your own issu in more detail, I can try to help.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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