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Re: Sim Dead. Reaper Stuck.

by CaticornLove

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Sim Dead. Reaper Stuck.

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So like, my sim died while on the acting lot thing, and the reaper for some reason isn't willing to come in. I don't care too much about that because it's hilarious because the people won't stop crying and keep peeing themselves and passing out because of it lol. But I'm stuck at a point where my Sim won't die. I can't swap to a different sim because I don't have any more in her household, and I can't do like, anything while the Sim is dying. anyway to auto urn myself or whatever?

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Re: Sim Dead. Reaper Stuck.

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Update, more sims dying. everyone is dying. HELP!

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Re: Sim Dead. Reaper Stuck.

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Try and either exit the game without saving or just start a new game

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