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Show hidden objects

by Cinnamonbunzx

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Re: Show hidden objects

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having the same issue here too, except when i tried "testingcheats" it told me that the cheats are now disabled? but does anyone know how to delete a bloody object like a door or flower pot etc? i accidentally put in 3 doors on one wall cos i was hammered and now i cant delete them..

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Re: Show hidden objects


HI @NajTaj 


make sure you put testingcheats on and not just testingcheats.


You should be able to delete them with the sledgehammer tool (unless they're out of bounds)


Go into buy/build mode then click on the sledgehammer on the bar in the middle upper part of the screen and then click on the item you want to delete





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Re: Show hidden objects

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Hello, I'm also having this problem. I also have cc/mods installed on an almost fully expanded game (minus spooky + fitness stuff) and I'm not sure if that matters, but I am on a PC laptop using Windows 10. This glitch is pretty annoying as we can't get to what is, in my opinion, the best part of build mode. This has just started today for me, but I've used it pretty recently with success and haven't added to the game, cc or otherwise, since.



Thanks for any help you can give! Standard smile


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Re: Show hidden objects

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my testingcheats isnt working at all


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