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Script mods not working

by ashgrace1998

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Script mods not working

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I downloaded a few script mods. I can't get any of them to work. At least some of them are showing up in the list when I first open the game but when I load a game it doesn't work. I have scrip mods enabled, I removed all other cc and mods and have been trying them one at a time. I've tried unzipping the zip files and leaveing it zipped. I'm putting them in the mods folder, not the packages folder. I don't know what else to do

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Re: Script mods not working

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Check if they are outdated mods, months ago most script mods stopped working because some python update on one of the game's patches. Also, some script mods does not work if you put them on a folder on mods (for example: Mods\scripts\), so you can try and put them directly on mods folder.

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Re: Script mods not working

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They are up to date. I know if some people still using them. I put them directly into the mods folder

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Re: Script mods not working

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They do go in the mods folder. You also say that they are listed when you start the game so you know they are recognized by the game. For help on using them in game you should contact the author.

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Re: Script mods not working

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Just a tip, for script mods, some are larger files that must be unpacked and all the contents put into the mod file. Mabe this is the issue

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Re: Script mods not working

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I tried that with some of them. If I did it that way, they wouldn't even show up in the list at the beginning.
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Re: Script mods not working


Hi @ashgrace1998 


could you be more specific which mods are not working ? Some of them might be outdated and hence they just no longer work.


You can name mods here as long as they don't raise the rating but not link to them.


Do you have any script mods that do work ?


A screenshot of your mods folder might also be helpful.

Happy Gaming


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