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Screen flicker glitch

by thepuppygirl25

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Screen flicker glitch

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I’ve been playing the sims for a while and decided to get some cc, after I got it this started happening, I deleted the cc and redownloaded the game but I’m still having the problem, what do I do?

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Re: Screen flicker glitch

@thepuppygirl25  I'm not sure exactly what's happening from your screenshot, but does the problem go away if you put the game in fullscreen and enable vertical sync in the grpahics settings?  If that doesn't help, drag your Sims 4 user data folder out of Documents\Electronic Arts and onto your desktop, launch the game to create a new folder, and see whether the problem is present in a new save.  You can transfer your existing content to the new folder later; for now, just test with nothing added.


If the game flickers even in the clean folder, please run a dxdiag and attach it to a post.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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