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by SemajSims

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My Sims 4 Game Wasn't Working So I Looked At The Forum And Someone Said To Take It Out The Electronic Arts Folder So I DId And It Worked But Then My Saves Were Gone I Put It Back Now The Sims 4 Icon Pops Up Then Closes . Some One Please HELPPPPP!

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Re: Saves ARE GONE

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Please try to explain more calmly. 


You moved your 'The Sims 4'-folder to another place on your computer. Your saves are in that, so it's normal they do not show up in game.

Go to the folder you moved out, copy the saves folder and put it in the new one that the game created. If you also want the items you saved in your library, move back the 'Tray'-folder too


Sims 4 Icon pop up? What does that mean? 
Are you perhaps using Mac? Then please say so and we can have your post for better help as this is the PC forum Standard smile 

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