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Re: SIMS 4: I Have Completely Broken My Game

by jpkarlsen

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SIMS 4: I Have Completely Broken My Game

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Man I really hope I can get some help with this, it's totally just flattened my rarely good mood. Issues started arising after I installed the re-shader for sims. But I have since deleted it and yet my sims is still broken.

My proplem is that I can not play the game at all, everything looks fine when you start it up, CAS is good, but then when it comes to placing my sim on a lot it does, but my sim isnt there. the bottom is all jumbled up and I have no sim display. the words and money is ovalaping itself. Then if I go to manage worlds and hover over a household, it shows me a bright flashing blue and white square. I have tried deleting my save files, repairing the game and I even uninstalled, restarted my computer and reinstalled everything(which took like 2 hours!). I do play with thousands of mods BUT I have NEVER had a problem until now (only when re-shader was installed). In fact i had even begun deleting broken cc's to clear some space for storage on my laptop. I have tried to take my files off my laptop and onto a hard drive but for some reason it literally says there isn't enough space even though there definitely is. I also can't put them in the recycle bin and restore it later as the file is too big so it will delete it permanently. I've tried turning it into a zip file but again, too big and not enough storage.


I know this is a very miniscule thing but it really has made me so upset. I'd appreciate any help,

Thank you. Frown

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Re: SIMS 4: I Have Completely Broken My Game




This is an old issue caused by broken mods. The current save is permanently broken so you either need to load an older save (after updating your Mods/CC) or start a new game. 


If Windows say that you do not have enough free space to perform an copy operation then it is because there is not enough free space.

Please only PM me when asked to do so. Questions and answers belong here so everyone can benefit from them.

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