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Run Sims 3 without Origin

by GodWarz191

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Re: Run Sims 3 without Origin

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The same issue. You guys won't how this is ruining my day! Frown(
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Re: Run Sims 3 without Origin

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That's the word hijacked! So frustrating! :-/
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Re: Run Sims 3 without Origin

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This really has to change. We are all experiencing the same problems...they should do something about this utter inconvenience.
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Re: Run Sims 3 without Origin

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Beautifully said. I have had several opening cases about this with EA. it appeases me to know I'm not being a difficult customer and that my thoughts and requests are just and valid. More paramount that I haven't been the only one complaining. I hope they release us from this bondage as soon as possible.
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Re: Run Sims 3 without Origin


So you have issue with signing in ? If you don't have the old disc version or updated to 1.69, then Origin is a requirement.


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Re: Run Sims 3 without Origin

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I hope I'm not jinxing myself by saying this, but I have never played Sims 3 online.  I always play it offline.  On my new computer when I start the game, a message comes up saying something to the effect of "Oh no!  You're not logged in online!  You'll miss out on a lot of good stuff.  You'd better go and log in now."  But then I get the option of doing that, or playing offline, and I just choose offline.


I'm wondering if maybe you are logged in online, and that's why it thinks you want to BE online?  But I'm not very good with computer stuff, so could be way off base.

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Re: Run Sims 3 without Origin

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Sounds like you got the original release of th game, the one before they added the online requirements.
Just outta curiosity, have you update to the latest version of the game? (if not, don't).
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Re: Run Sims 3 without Origin

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How do you run sims 3 without running origin

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Re: Run Sims 3 without Origin

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Hi, short answer is: You Can't, sorry.
Previously this was possible if you'd bought the physical copy of the Base Game or purchased the Sims 3 from Origin prior to April 2012.
These games, and any expansion or stuff packs installed, would simply install on your computer and not require Origin as that was only a program used to download the games and manage your library.

However, our fun run of launching and playing The Sims 3 offline and outside of Origin was quashed when the doomed update of November 2015 was released, you know it was bad because many reported that once Origin was launched this update would start downloading and attempt to update the Sims 3.
This update tied the Sims 3 games to Origin and cut our cord of freedom.

Now it's not possible to launch the Sims 3 games without first having to login to your Origin account.

Oh, and don't bother asking Origin support about Offline play, they'll just tell you to login to Origin and then click Play Offline. Which completely defeats the purpose of offline play, having to have an Internet connection and sign in just to then request to go offline. They're useless.

If you did buy the Sims 3 prior to April 2012 and cab somehow rollback the game update software to the version prior to November 2015, then I do believe you'll be able to play offline. If not, sorry but you're tied ro Origin and their endless terms of service.
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Re: Run Sims 3 without Origin

@bugvey Your tied to TOS regardless of how you play the game. Windows 10 does NOT support SecuROM or SafeDisc. Patch 1.69 removes SecuROM (rootkit in case you didn't know) and you don't need the disc to play. You now have unlimited installs (remember the 5 install limit) and your computer is more secure. I have been a Steam user for some time and I don't have a problem. With mechanical optical drives disappearing I see physical distribution media going away. In case you didn't know Windows 7 main support is over - Window 7 is now on extended support. Microsoft is cracking down on piracy. Microsoft is now actively tracking the motherboard data and locking the activation code to that motherboard. Yes they did it before but never really pushed the issue. Microsoft is removing features  and giving you features that have little to no use. Microsoft is pushing OneDrive - don't need it, don't want it, and you can't remove it. Windows 7 had media center - Windows 8 charged extra for it - Windows 10 GONE! Microsoft back pedaling about unlimited cloud storage with MS Office. In conclusion if you really don't want to deal with these little problems get a console.


I do not work for EA or associated with EA other then helping other users in the forums.
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