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Re: Rock-a-Bye Bassinet Sims 4?

by IIsvnflxwerII

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Rock-a-Bye Bassinet Sims 4?

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First off I don't have trouble with the Game now I had Started over my Game completely but I just wanted to know what is the "Rock-a-Bye" Bassinet?? I tried placing it to see what is was when I was building a house but nothing was coming up. I did Research on it but it wasn't a lot of Answers for me to look through actually. I thought it was Custom Content but all of my CC's have the little Blue Ribbon with the tool Icon on it. Is this a new Patch?? Does it come with the Update? Anyways I just wanted to know before I do anything else.

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Re: Rock-a-Bye Bassinet Sims 4?

I have no idea. Could you try taking out your CC/mods folder and putting that on your desktop, just to test and see if it disappears?


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Re: Rock-a-Bye Bassinet Sims 4?

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yes its  custom content and you must have downloaded a move-baby mod to get a baby doll

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Re: Rock-a-Bye Bassinet Sims 4?

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what mod?

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