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Retail Store : Cannot ring customers up, they are being blocked by nothing.

by WhatGoesHereDude

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Retail Store : Cannot ring customers up, they are being blocked by nothing.

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I AM NOT USING MODS/CC. I don't have any mods installed anywhere on my pc. Nada.


I am having issues with my retail store. My sim sells paintings, the store is a room with 2 half walls in the middle with paintings hanging on them and some ceiling lights. That's it. No MOO is being used. It's as simple of a setup as you could possibly have. 


It worked fine at first. Sims came in, they bought paintings, they left. It was great. Every wall had at least one painting purchased from it. No issues.


Then, I would get the "what choice blah blah blah ring me up" pop up and the customer would have the "SOMETHINGS IN MY WAY MOVE IT" bubble above their head. There is literally nothing that could be in their way. No plants, decorations, absolutely nothing. I thought maybe the "restock" signs were glitching or something so I got rid of those. Didn't work. I closed/reopened the store. Nada. I fully stocked the store and reopened it again... and they could buy stuff. I was super confused. I was able to sell a few things before the glitch started again, and now my store is filled with sims complaining about something being in their way... in a bare room. Hrm.


I have an apartment in the basement that I am using MOO on. There is a locked door between the store and the apartment. I thought maybe I accidentally set something for sale in the basement, so I unlocked the door to see if the customer would go down there. They used the toilet and watched tv, but still spamming "I WANT TO BE RUNG UP" and "OH WAIT I'M BEING BLOCKED BY AIR!". I toggled the sale tags on and nothing in the basement was set for sale.


If I couldn't ever sell anything ever it would make more sense. This "it works at first but once you start selling stuff sims get confused" stuff is confusing. No idea what is going on. 



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Re: Retail Store : Cannot ring customers up, they are being blocked by nothing.

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@WhatGoesHereDude .

Check if any of the paintings are accidentally enlarged.
You can also try to enter the "building mode" and use the "level terrain" option. Even if you did not use the terrain tool, lots sometimes are not really flat.
I don't work for EA

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