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Re: Resort Maintenance Issue in Sims3

by iowndvc

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Resort Maintenance Issue in Sims3

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I'm having issues with resort maintenance in Sims 3.  I have tried two resorts in my current game, and I have hired resorts maintenance workers, None of them have ever showed this game, and I've but lots of resorts over the years and while I've had issues, re-hiring them always worked nothing.

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Re: Resort Maintenance Issue in Sims3

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Are you rehiring the same sims or different ones? Have you tried to reset them?

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Re: Resort Maintenance Issue in Sims3

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Tried resetsim * as they never came out of the resort tower.  The desk clerk came out of the tower, but no maintenance workers. And I tried hiring each level of worker...none of them have shown up.  I tried closing the resort, deleting and replacing the towers...nothing

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Re: Resort Maintenance Issue in Sims3

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Hmmm, it may be a glitch in that one game, I loaded a game I started a long time ago, built a resort, and the maintenance people are working. The gliitched game, I builkt two resoers in two different location, and no maintenance personnel.

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