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Redeeming and downloading trouble

by Jasminehoneymilk

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Redeeming and downloading trouble

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So I recently bought a code from amazon and at first I had no idea what to download and how to do it and eventually I found this site and so I redeemed my codes and yet only only the night life of sims 3 is under my purchases not the sims 3 starter pack and I also tried downloading the night life one but it just opens up a blank tab and nothing happens. So then I went to orgin and I downloaded it and everything was going smoothly but because I redeemed my code on the EA sims website it won't let me redeem it on orgin even though it doesn't even show up in EA sims 3 website and like I spent 20 dollars on it, and yet I can't even download it. 

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Re: Redeeming and downloading trouble

@Jasminehoneymilk  Regardless if you redeem the code in or Origin - the code will redeem with one or the other but once the code is accepted you can't re enter the code. As Origin and are two different sites it amy take some time to appear as bought on both systems. What did you buy? Did you buy from Amazon or Amazon Market place?


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