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Re: Sims 3 Crashes to Desktop with No Error Message!

by puzzlezaddict

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Re: Sims 3 Crashes to Desktop with No Error Message!

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I know this is an old post but hoping I can piggy-back off of it. 


Like the OP, I have a new Acer (PC) and I'm having the same issue that he is. A month ago I was using my 11+ year old PC that I built myself AND playing a stable Sims 3 on Vista. Because my OS hasn't been supported for a long time, I decided to buy this PC. Ugh. I'm not a fan of Win 10 and these issues with Sims 3 are not helping at all. So....


I've attached the Diagnostic and the text form the SFC Scan. I had no error messages in that first test. I played in windowed mode to watch my RAM and it was around 2.3 for part of my playing and 3.2 on others. It only played for a short time before crashing because I've been trying for days to move my family and it seems like moving the family and CAW are big issues, with Edit Town being an issue only sometimes. Actually, the first time I played TS3 on this PC was a clean SV, a premade house and a created SIM, with no CC added. I could tell immediately that changing patterns/colors would completely bog the PC down. Made me miss my old PC and Vista!


Also, I pause my Kaspersky protection prior. I also try to close out "stuff" via "Task Manager" but there is so much more there than I had with Vista and I have no idea what I need to leave alone. I also edited the Launcher exe file via CFF Explorer but that didn't help at all so I got rid of it just in case. I also changed it to Compatibility mode. What seems to happen is it's like moving the mouse just completely bogs it down to the point of crashing. Just now I'd finally gotten the family moved but was having to replace a gate on the paddock so the horses could enter. I chose the gate, went into CAS to change the materials, decided I wanted to incorporate the brick from the steps and when I moved the mouse, it crashed. That same thing happens alot. I've not yet switched to my old wireless mouse because I'm still moving stuff over from the old PC, and the mouse that came with this is wired  and kinky and sometimes has a life of it's own when I set it down. And that also seems to generate a crash at times. This may all be garbage but putting it all out there in case something makes sense.



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Re: Sims 3 Crashes to Desktop with No Error Message!

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@columbia93  I've split your post into its own thread, since your issue is likely not the same as the other poster's.  And anyway, there's no reason you can't have your own thread here; the new member restrictions are only for the official Sims forums.


Among all the troubleshooting steps you listed, you never mentioned anything about checking your in-game framerates.  That's the first place I'd look for problems.  Your Nvidia 1060 is strong enough to produce fps well into the hundreds, and that alone can be enough to cause crashing even when there's nothing else wrong with your game.  To see your framerates, bring up the cheats console (crtl-shift-C) and enter "fps on" without quotes.  A number will appear in the upper right corner of your screen, and it should never go above 60, the refresh rate of your monitor.  ("fps off" makes the number go away.)


If your fps is too high, the first tool to try to limit it is the built-in Nvidia Control Panel.  If that doesn't work, and it never works in windowed mode, next is Nvidia Inspector (free download).  You can also use RivaTuner Statistics Server if you prefer; unlike the others , RTSS does have to be running while you play.  In any case, be sure to set up the game's profile using TS3.exe, since you have an Origin install.  Here are screenshots for the setups for both Nvidia tools, under the spoilers:


If the framerates aren't the issue, you may need to update your GPU driver.  It's a good idea anyway, since the driver is over a year older than your Windows 10 build.  You can get a new driver here:


Please test in Sunset Valley or Twinbrook in a clean game folder, as in, move your existing TS3 folder out of Documents\Electronic Arts and onto your desktop, allowing the game to create a new folder with no content.  You can peek at your RAM use periodically, but with a new test save in a well-made EA world, it shouldn't be much over 2 GB even with all packs installed.  If everything looks good, you can copy over a save or two into the clean game folder for testing.  Since you're copying, not moving, you don't need to worry about missing object warnings; just see how the game runs.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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