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Random Sims & pets walking through house, sim freezing and pets disappearing

by simplyzachariah

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Random Sims & pets walking through house, sim freezing and pets disappearing

★★★★ Novice

Sims 4 version (It says it is up to date when I hit Update).

Expansion packs installed: Seasons, Cats & Dogs, City Living, Get Together, Get to work, Vampires, Dine Out, Vintage Glamour Stuff, Holiday and the free Guitar pack. 

Mods: I did apparently have one mod installed from some time ago but during my own troubleshooting last night I removed it. So, currently my game is Modless and still is having these issues. (I've also done repair three times, one before removing the mod and two after.)

System: I have a custom built computer, not store brand. I've attached my DxDiag for analysis if you require further details. 

Household save file: As I've only played this one household since my return to the game I am not sure if it is occurring on other households. Let me know if the save file is needed. 




1. Anyone and everyone just walks through my house, including stray animals. They use doors. I've watched a sim walk into the back of the house, through the house, out the front door, turn around and then knock on the front door. Also, I've had strays wandering through the house. Just last night a stray cat walked through and then dropped dead on the living room floor. Now I am stuck with the sadness for multiple days on my sim from the death of "a loved one" whom she'd never met and a gravestone I can't get rid of. I believe the same would occur with a sim if they dropped dead in my living space. 


2. My sim, only have one with two canine pets in this house, freezes during tasks. I have to reset the sim and usually the objects she was trying to interact with. I've seen this happening most with trying to cook but can happen with any task. This was such an issue playing last night, 07/06, that I did a repair on the game twice and ended up restoring a previous save of this household. In with the previous save I had to move the sim out of the property to an empty property and then move her back into her house. Please also note that time continues. The game continues running otherwise, even the pets if they are there will continue doing whatever, when my sim freezes. I have to reset her and in many case the item she was interacting with to get her going again. Also, most of the time if I try to get her to do the same task directly afterward, the sim will freeze again. 


3. Pets randomly disappearing. My sim could be in the middle of doing something, like giving a dog a bath or playing with one, and suddenly both pets on the lot disappear, show as away on their icons with no location and my sim is moved/upright and looks like I just purposefully reset her. I have no idea what is causing this particular glitch. I usually cannot call my animals back. Sometimes I can just as I return to work but the only reliable way to have them returned is by closing out and reloading the game. However, this happens every sim day and most of the time she just lives petless until I decide to close out or get a lucky break and they return after work. One of the pets was adopted through the phone and the other was a stray she befriended. The stray has a Loyalty trait and wouldn't be running away. I have never received a notification of running away pets - that is not what is occurring. I was actually able to get my first pet (adopted by phone) to reappear by adopting my second pet (befriended stray). However, they now disappear together.


Troubleshooting already completed:


  • I have already moved my sim off the property and back into it. 
  • I have restored a previous save file and started a new save with Save As
  • I have done 3 repairs on the game, one before I removed the Mod and 2 after I removed the Mod. 
  • I have deleted the lastCrash/lastException files from the Documents folder
  • I have deleted the localthumbscache.package and onlinethumbnailcache folder from the Documents folder. 
  • I have restarted the computer (full shutdown before turning on again)
  • I have made sure exceptions existed in my anti-virus for the Origin/EA folders in Documents, Users and Program Files (x86)

I will admit I haven't played the game for several months, so I can't pinpoint when these issues became a problem. I'm assuming with some update between playing this time and playing last time. The previous save file I have is from 03/16/2020. I returned to the game last night, 07/06/2020, and this household was created last night and is a brand new save file for my current version.

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Re: Random Sims & pets walking through house, sim freezing and pets disappea

★★★★ Novice

Update: The game just updated today and seems to have fixed the disappearing pets issue and the freezing issue with my sim. I am still having random sims and strays walking through my house. 

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