[READ FIRST] Sims 4+EA App: missing packs, can't install/launch

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[READ FIRST] Sims 4+EA App: missing packs, can't install/launch

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This is an informational thread for the various current issues surrounding Sims 4 and the EA App.  Please find your issue on the list below and use the appropriate master thread.


Installed packs don't load in-game


Please read the first post of this thread:
If you need further help, please post in that thread and provide the information requested here.



Sims 4 won't launch from the EA App


Important:  Please test with a clean user folder, as in, move the entire Sims 4 folder to the desktop and let the game create a new one.  This eliminates mods, custom content, and other user files as possible contributors to this issue.  Moving this folder does NOT delete your saves or other content; it simply moves the data to where the game can't read it.


If you still can't launch Sims 4, please post in this thread:

Please also submit an error report within the EA App (instructions) and include the report ID in your post.


See also:





Prompt to install Legacy Edition


If you're being prompted to download the Legacy Edition, or the LE is launching, despite your computer meeting requirements to run the standard version of Sims 4, the issue is most likely your antivirus.  The workaround is to repair the game (open My Collection, hover over the Sims 4 icon, click the three dots, and select Repair) and set an exception for TS4_x64.exe within your antivirus.  Please see this post for more details as well as examples for Avast and AVG:





Can't install packs or kits


If you're having trouble installing the new kits, please use this thread, and be sure to try the suggestions in the first post:



If you can't install any packs and you have the Sims 4 CAS Demo installed, please see this post:



Otherwise, create a new thread in the EA App Bug Reports & Technical Issues forum listing these details:


  • Which pack(s) won't install
  • Where you bought the pack(s), e.g. Origin, Steam, another retailer
  • Whether you launch the game from Steam


Content missing from EA App


If all of your packs are missing, you've probably signed into the wrong account.  Here is the current recommendation from an EA community manager:

@EA_Solaire wrote:

If your game library isn't showing your owned games in the EA App and you're not seeing your DLC, then most likely you're logging into the EA App with the wrong login details. You need to login to the app with the same details that you originally purchased your content on, and you'll see everything available in your library to download and access again.


I'd recommend checking any emails you have for the email receipt of your purchases so you know which account to login to the EA App to. If you need further help locating the correct login details, that's something live support can help with- you can reach out to live support by submitting a help request here.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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