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[READ FIRST] Known issues, links, guides and FAQs

by Andromache2013

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[READ FIRST] Known issues, links, guides and FAQs

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Hi everyone and welcome to the Answer HQ!


Below is a compiled list of links to all the current issues and information relating to the Sims 4 that will help you and answer your questions.


The Sims 4 Bug Reports Section

Please post here if you are reporting or experiencing a bug - not in the technical forum


The Sims Mac Section 

Please post in this board if you are a Mac player and are experiencing any sort of issues - not in the technical forum



Index for FAQ




General Information:


[READ FIRST] Troubleshooting your game - by crinrict

Troubleshooting steps that can help with several game problems.


[INFO] The Sims 4 Installation / Release Order - by SandArcher

A list of the Sims 4 games 


[INFO] The Sims 4 System Requirements 

A list of the minimum system requirements for the Sims 4


[INFO] Sims 4 - Patch Notes - by EA_Nils

Keep an eye on this thread for all the patch notes


[ISSUE] Choosing Language - Please Post Here - by crinrict

Post here if you are having language related problems with installation  


[FAQ] Manually uninstalling The Sims 4 - by MopMustache

Quick easy steps for a safe and clean uninstall


[FAQ] Sims 4 and Origin Access - by crinrict

Answers to the most frequent questions related to The Sims and Origin Access


Help Tutorials:


The Sims 4 Player's Guide

Tips and tricks for playing The Sims™ 4


The Sims 4 Rewards - by EA_Ursula

How you can benefit from your Sims 3 games for the Sims 4


The Sims 4 Gallery

The ins and outs of the new sharing feature.


How do I share to Facebook? 

Learn how to be on Facebook while in-game


What does the Mods Folder do?

Learn about the purpose of this newly added folder


Are there Achievements in the Sims 4?

Find out where to find them in-game


How does the Custom Music Folder work? 

Listen to your own music while enjoying the Sims 4


How to start The Sims 4 in Windowed mode - by 

Helpful if you had set your resolution in the game to something unsupported by your monitor 


Sims 4 Gallery App - by EA_Nils

Keep an eye on the gallery while you play the Sims 4


The Sims - Your Guide to Splitting and Merging Households

All you need to know about moving and splitting households


General Technical Queries:


[INFORMATION] Can I run it? - by crinrict

Find out if your computer can manage the Sims 4


[FAQ] Serial Codes, Game Activation and Download issues - by crinrict

Step-by-step instructions on basic registration and downloading


[FAQ] Installation, Updating, and Startup Issues - by crinrict

Basic guidelines to starting your game


[FAQ] Sims 4 Crashes - by crinrict

Suggestions and explanations for crashing


Unrecognized Video Card - by crinrict

Suggestions and explanations for graphics cards related error messages


Setting Up a Graphic Card Gaming Profile - by EA_Kristi

Instructions for setting up your graphics card gaming profile


Specific Game Issues and Errors:


[FIXED] Error 102/122 - Patch 1.36 edition by crinrict

Check the numbers after the 102/122 and the post for different solutions.


[SOLUTION] Savegame was saved with a newer version - by crinrict

Error messages with loading saves


[PLEASE READ] Map Reloading by crinrict

Trying to load a lot just reloads the map instead of the lot


[SOLUTION] Fix problem when Sims 3 or Sims 4 won't reinstall

Install button just goes back to install without actually installing the game.


[WORKAROUND] Gallery tells that house uses custom content


[SOLUTION] Fix for no sound in Sims 4


[PLEASE POST HERE] Sims can't cook anymore by crinrict

When I tell my Sim to cook something, they refuse to do it - they just stand around or they wave as if they can't get to something.



The Sims 4 on MAC:


[FAQ] The Sims 4 on MAC - by EA_Nils

Everything you need to know about the Sims 4 on MAC


Running Windows on your MAC - by caspinwall

How you can run Windows and therefore the Sims on your MAC


[Read first] Guides and Troubleshooting - by Bluebellflora

How to use the Sims 4 on Mac, list of bugs, and troubleshooting tips


The Sims 4 CAS Demo:


[Info] The Sims 4 Create a Sims Demo Registration - by EA_Nils

How to register and possibly obtain a code for the demo


[INFORMATION] Sims 4 CAS Demo - by crinrict

Everything you need to know about the demo



Issues you might be facing with the demo

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The Sims 4 Patch Notes

Check out the latest updates and bug fixes

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Restore a previous saved game

Choose from an automatically stored save point in The Sims 4 if your data's corrupted or you want to revert anyway.

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Forget your EA Account ID or password?

Reset, update, or link your account information.

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