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[READ FIRST] Known issues, guides and FAQs

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Hello everyone and welcome to Answer HQ!


You will find below the list of our most useful FAQs. They contain useful information and potential solutions for most of the issues you might encounter with your game.



Index for FAQ



Account Safety:


Your Origin account and you: email change, merge, compromised, codes, online pass, gamertag 

If you need to update/change personal information in Origin to access your games.


[FAQ]: How to keep your account safe - by Andromache2013

Tips on how not to get hacked


[INFO] Issues with logging in to The Sims 3 - by EA_Nils

Try these steps if you're having issues with in-game/website login


Things to do before posting:


Help us Helpers to Help you - by crinrict

Make it easy for the community to help you.


[HOW TO] DxDiag for Sims 3 - PC Only - by crinrict

Make it easy for the community to diagnose your graphical issues.


Origin related issues:


Packs installed in Origin but now showing in the launcher by EA_Mai

Origin telling you your packs are installed but some of them not showing in the launcher? 


DLC Compatibility Alert by crinrict

Origin telling you you need the download version of the base game even though you already have it? 


Unable to connect with Origin by crinrict

When I open the launcher, I get the following message: "Unable to connect with Origin".


[FAQ] New Origin Layout for The Sims 3 Expansion Packs - by SandArcher

Explanation of the latest  Origin update and its affect on TS3 


Serial codes; missing discs ; not showing games:


[INFO] How to Register The Sims 3 - by EA_Ursula

How to register your Sims 3 games


Lost and broken DVDs and missing serial codes - What to do ? by crinrict

How to find or retrieve a serial code? How to obtain a replacement code?


Invalid and Used Serial Codes & Games not showing up in Origin - by crinrict

If you can't find your game in Origin or if you have issues with your game code. 


I bought a game but it does not show up in Origin - by 

How to make sure your order has been processed


[INFO] Serial Code Issues and Redeemig Bonus Content - by crinrict

All about finding and how to register codes


General game suggestions:


[FAQ] Steam VS Origin VS Discs  - by Andromache2013

Everything you need to know about how the three all work together


Current Patch - 1.67 - Manual links and more - by crinrict

Install the new patch safely.


Lags & Freezes - by crinrict

Find out what may cause lags and freezes and how to resolve this kind of issue.


Game Crashes (CTD) - by crinrict

My game crashes to the desktop without a warning.


Troubleshooting Steps - by crinrict

There are several steps one can take to troubleshoot their own game before seeking help. There are some standard recipes that can help with several game problems.


All in one fix (except hardware issues) PC Only - by wecantpickaname

 All in one steps to stop your game from crashing, fix store content, and stop getting  the store patch pop-up.


[ISSUE] Savegame Corruption - by crinrict

Issues related to savegame corruption


[HOW TO] Find and remove bad custom contentby crinrict

All about finding and removing bad custom content


Specific game issues and errors:


There was an error during Startup - by crinrict

When starting the launcher, I get the error message: "There was an error during startup. See the Log for more details".


Save Errors (Error 12, 13, 15, 16) - by crinrict

While saving I get the error message: "Error 12 (or 13 or 15 or 16). Please see Read-Me for more information".


Service initialization failed - by crinrict

When starting the game I get the error message: "Unable to start game. Service initialization failed (some number)".


Sims not arriving at Travel Destination - by crinrict

How to ensure your Sims travel safely when going on vacation.


[ISSUE] Sims 3 Minimising - by rumbutter

My game minimises and exits randomly on startup


The Store: Website FAQ by crinrict

Everything around, MyPage, Whishlist, Exchange, Friend Requests, Badges, Achievements or the Store 


[Guide] Sims 3 Store Worlds - by crinrict

How to get, download, and install your Store Worlds 


Store FAQ - by crinrict

Having a store problem? Not too sure how it all works? 


[FAQ] My Studio Uploads have disappearedby crinrict

The things I uploaded to the Exchange have disappeared


[FAQ] Complete Your Set  - by eaursula

Getting great deals on other items from a set you already partially own


[FAQ] Make Me An Offer - by eaursula

Getting a randomised deal of store items for a cheaper price


[Troubleshoot] Downloading/Installing of Store Content by crinrict

Basic troubleshooting steps with downloading and installation problems 


MAC related


Links to Mac help threads and guides - by bluebellflora

Mac users, this is for you.


MAC USERS] The Sims 3 with Intel Iris Graphics - by bluebellflora

The compatibility of Sims 3 on MACs with Intel Iris Graphics

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Re: [READ FIRST] Known issues, guides and FAQs

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I'm trying to redeem my codes for my sims 3 game and expansion packs. But when I got to do this it says I need I 16 digit code but the ones on the manuals are 20 digits. Are there codes somewhere else? Help
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Re: [READ FIRST] Known issues, guides and FAQs


There are two different kinds of codes:

16 digit ones are for limited edition Store content. Those are sent out by email or can be found on the colored leaflet in your DVD box. They are redeeemed here: and then you'll find the item in your purchase history to download to your game:

20 digit ones: Those are the product or serial codes which you need to install the game and they can be found on your Origin client or on the white leaflet in your DVD Box

Right click on the game and choose Show game details. The code should be there



If it's not there, log out and back in and/or restart Origin

Good Luck


I don't work or have any association with EA. I give advice to the best of my knowledge and cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your computer/game.
Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so.

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