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[READ FIRST] Gallery Connection Troubleshooting/ Status: Online

by crinrict

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Re: [CURRENT ISSUE] Anti-Virus blocking User Folder (Screenshots/Gallery/Mods..)

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@SimQARobo A txt has been forwarded to your inbox
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Re: Sims 4 Won't go online, I have tried everything

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★★ Novice is the verison.

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Gallery Conection problem

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I have a issue with The Sims 4 gallery it is said UNABLE TO GO ONLINE There is no Internet connection available. Please make sure you have a working internet connection to acess Online Content.


And I check my Internet and it is fine. So I read a lot of post and I see that this is not the first time that this is happening. 

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Gallery won't go online?

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I just recently bought the Snowy Escape expansion, and now I can't connect to the online gallery? My Origin is online and my internet connection is stable like always. All of the mods I use have been updated for the most recent patch as well. I've even gone as far as to repair my game files twice, uninstall and resinstall my game, and remove mods altogether. No matter what, the issue persists and I cannot get the gallery to go online. What do I do? Is this a localized issue or are others going through this as well?

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Having issues with my sims 4 gallery

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My sims 4 galley will not connect at all! It’s saying no internet connection but that’s absolutely not true. I’ve tried everything to fix it. Any advice? I’m desperate at this point! 

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Re: [READ FIRST] Status of the Gallery - ONLINE

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@Aj20_z  Thanks, I just wanted to make sure you weren't running the Legacy Edition.  I've merged your posts with the master thread for connection issues.  Since EA employees monitor this thread, it's the best place to troubleshoot this kind of issue.


SimQARobo has requested a bit of information here:


if you'd like to share.


@Pampel16 @AaronReborn and @Pinkstahr  I've merged your posts as well.  Please see above.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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gallery 23 Nov 20 not working

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Hi all my gallery isn't working (says offline but wont let me connect). Is anyone else having this problem? I am trying to resolve with the suggestions in this list but so far no good! 

List of ideas to fix: [READ FIRST] Status of the Gallery - ONLINE - Answer HQ

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Re: [READ FIRST] Status of the Gallery - ONLINE

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@puzzlezaddict Thanks for the assistance! I've sent them a message w/ the information they requested in the thread.
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Re: gallery 23 Nov 20 not working

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No, your kind of problem, but it does make me think many times over about buying Snowy Escape right now.


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Re: Unable to go online ... No internet connection

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Were you able to fix it? I'm having the same problem .

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