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Gallery Connection Issues (11/30/2020)

by firebendingboy

Original Post

Sims 4 Won’t Connect to Internet November 2020

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I’ve been trying to connect to my gallery for days and I keep getting the message that you have to connect to the internet and then it says there is no internet connection. 

My connection is fine- I’ve reloaded and restarted everything. Any ideas? 

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Re: Can't connect to the gallery

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I have tried much like my fellow simmers all of the troubleshooting steps and nothing is working. I really would love to buy some dlcs to expand my sims 4 experience but given the fact that the issue has not yet been resolved, I am reluctant. I have been very patient and understanding on all of this thus far, and I have had to deal with this issue for almost two weeks. I am at the point where I feel like I may never be capable of using the gallery ever again. On a personal note, I love my sims 4 games it has been a great escape for me since my mom tested positive with covid-19 all I am humbly asking is that it please be fixed so that I and my fellow simmers can enjoy our sims experience. 

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Re: Can't connect to the gallery

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Updated the OS. Unfortunately still the same problem. I wasn't expecting much of a change to happen with an OS update, but you never know sometimes. I'm going to test the firewall one last time. See if that does anything. I'll update on the progress. 

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Gallery Connection Issues (11/30/2020)

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  • After updating my game for the most recent patch, I’m completely unable to connect to the Gallery online. I can access my library, but I’m unable to search or see my profile.


I’m running the 64-bit non-legacy version and the issue has been present with and without mods in my game. My internet settings also haven’t changed since the problem started.

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difficulties with gallery

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I dont know if anyone has posted anything about the gallery but i keep getting a big red x on all post. when i try clicking on a post it says that the post cant be located. I have also uninstalled sims and origin, repaired the game, removed all cc never put them back in. and i still have the same red x on all gallery post. please help because i would like to be able to use the gallery and post things that i can see

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sims 4 gallery conection issues

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after the new update, my game does not want to connect to the internet. i have no mods installed, so its not that. I`m just curious if anyone has been having the same problem, or know how i can fix it

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Re: sims 4 gallery conection issues

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Whelp, I've literally tried everything on the hardware side AND software side that I could manage before I hit a dead end. Nothing I do fixes this problem. I'm surprised a dev hasn't come into this thread yet, since clearly I'm not the only one having this issue. This is getting egregious. I haven't been able to get onto the gallery for three weeks now. I have literally done all I can, to my knowledge, try to fix this problem on my own and in my precious spare time. The fixes already offered do not have an effect on these problems, and whatever I could offer only lead to dead ends. 

I probably should have waited to buy Snowy Escape if I had known there were so many issues with its involvement at this point. 


Why am I able to get to the gallery on a laptop even though its literally the same conditions? Nobody has gotten back to me to give me an answer. 

Why is the game I'm in not give me internet access when I'm using the exact same internet that the laptop does? Again, no answer. 

Ransomware is not turned on. At all. Therefore is not affecting this issue, though I appreciate the added information for others. 

I'm really trying to have patience for this? But as stated above, I've already gone above and beyond on my side to fix this problem. How about some give and take here, EA? 

Like, should I send version information at this point? Would that even make a difference? 

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sims 4 wont go online

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I have been playing sims for a long time and never had the problem of not being able to go online in game. Things I have tried are 

  • run sims 4 as admin
  • run origin as admin
  • repair sims 4 game
  • removed mods

I have tried those things and nothing worked, Its been  like this for weeks.

My sims 4 game works perfectly except for me not being able to go online. My origin stays online and there was no problem with it, If you know how to fix this please let me know.

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Sims4 cannot connect to gallery or go online

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Hi everyone,


so I have the problem, that sims4 can not connect to the Gallery ingame. Since I have the game I have only tried recently to access the gallery so I can not say if it ever worked for me or my system. It just stays on the trying to connect until it times out and tells me it cant connect i should try again.


I have already searched through all the other topics and tried the following things:

BTW: I have a desktop computer and the game requirements are no problem for my system. The game itself works fine.


- deactivate antivirus/firewall (GData)

- ports on the router are open

- DNS cache is cleared

- Origin and Sims 4 are up to date and have been repaired and reinstalled at least twice

- Origin is online but solely sims 4 can't connect

- I can access the sims 4 gallery in my browser

- yes my account is over the age of 18

- I also reset the router by turning it off for a while

- I added exceptions to the antivirus (though since turning it off didnt work I dont know why I even tried this)

- Both Origin and Sims 4 are run as admin

- Turning Origin offline and back online while ingame doesnt work

- The online box in the settings ingame is checked

- Waiting a couple days

- After reinstalling i tried connecting without eadding any mods or anything else

- I also cannot think of any programms prohibiting sims 4 to connect to the internet


It would be great if anyone has another idea of what I could try cause I dont really have any more ideas what to do. And Im not fond of completely setting up my whole windows system again just for one game to work, since all the other programs or games I am using/playing work fine also in online mode.


Hope someone can think of something. 


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Re: difficulties with gallery

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Same I did all of those things but I'm not able to open the gallery it says I need to connect but my internet has nothing wrong with it I also tried all those steps and none of them worked but whenever it does let me see the gallery I have red X's too.
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