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[READ FIRST] Gallery Connection Troubleshooting/ Status: ONLINE

by crinrict

Original Post

Sims 4 Gallery won't connect to internet

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I have tried literally everything. My Sims 4 gallery won't connect to the internet.


below the list of stuff I have tried.

  • I don't have an underage account.
  • Made sure Origin is online instead of on offline mode, as well as switched back and forth between the two multiple times.
  • Made sure my firewall and antivirus are not blocking the connection - added the game and Origin to its exceptions, also tried turning them both off completely.
  • Restarted my router
  • Flushed my DNS - multiple times
  • Run the game and Origin as administrator
  • Uninstalled the game and reinstalled
  • repaired the game and all additional packs
  • removed all mods completely, repeated the uninstall, reinstall and repair multiple times.
  • tried deleting browser history from all browsers as suggestion on an old thread.
  • Made sure the online connection is check on in-game settings.

After repeating these multiple times, the farthest I have been able to get is showing the gallery for a few seconds, pictures marked out with red X's and then a window that pops up that says "connection timed out" and asks if I want to stay in offline or connect. Obviously I want to connect so I click that one, then it gives me the window stating "can't connect as there is no internet connection. Please check to make sure you are connected to the internet." 


Can some one PLEASE help with this as I am at my wits end trying to trouble shoot this.

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My Game Will Not Connect To The Internet

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Basically, I was going to play the Sims 4, and usually, when my game boots up, I go to the gallery to see creations people make and download some houses. But, When I clicked on the gallery and go to the "Gallery" section, it tells me to "Connect to the internet." Ok, that's fine, I'll just press Connect. But when I clicked it, It says "Unable to go online" " There is no internet connection available." But clearly, I have internet as I'm writing here. So really, I'm just really confused and upset because this has been happening for the last two weeks. I talked to customer support, but they don't know how to help me. This is also the first time this has ever happened. I had this game since 2016 and it never happened before. Does anyone know what to do? I tried repairing my game, uninstalling both my game and Origin, but neither worked.

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Re: Sims 4 Gallery won't connect to internet

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Re: Sims 4 Gallery won't connect to internet

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@SoyokoAnis Windows is fully updated as are the drivers. Along with checking drivers for my router through my internet company as well. As of right now I have fully uninstalled again and am going to test with just the base game to see if the gallery will come up. The next try is going to be using an old computer I have to rule out if it's this computer set up(Which is more than capable of running the sims) or not.

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Re: Sims 4 Gallery won't connect to internet

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FINALLY got it to work. I had to fully uninstall everything, then reset my windows account and reinstall everything from scratch. I don't know what was actually wrong but so far it's working.

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Keeps telling me games offline sims 4

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When I click the go online option for gallery a pop up shows up telling me there's no internet avaliable iv done everything the post told me to do making sure orgins connected, restarted my browser, made sure firewalls not blocking it, checked the in game options, and cleared the dms nothing has worked what do I do?

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Re: Keeps telling me games offline sims 4

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Found this gem while searching for answers:


I used Method 4 and was able to search the gallery without interruption from 11 pm to 1 am last night.


I am also pretty sure that it is computer specific as well as anti-virus program specific. I have Avast on one manchine and Avira on the other. Avast charges me for being able to look at my firewall while Avira does not. Avast appears to give me problems, whereas Avira does not.

I will check the gallery again today to see if the Method 4 is still working.

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Sims 4 saying I'm offline on pc

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sims 4 game on origin not is saying I'm offline, even thou im online. ive tried everything off the forums but nothing works

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Re: Sims 4 saying I'm offline on pc

@trudlies I merged your post with the master thread.

Could you try all the solutions on the first post.

Happy Gaming


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Gallery will not go online the sims 4

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My gallery will not connect in game. I have tried the troubleshooting from the old thread. But none of it has worked. 

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