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[READ FIRST] Gallery Connection Troubleshooting/ Status: ONLINE

by crinrict

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Re: [READ FIRST] Gallery Connection Troubleshooting/ Status: Online

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I tried all the suggestions here. I even un-installed and re-installed the game. Nothing. I know we were able to get in the gallery back in January. But not now. Keeps saying to connect to the internet, but hello I am otherwise I would not be able to log in. And I am posting here.  So, therefore I believe the problem has to be on the other side, since it was working before the new stuff pack.

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Re: [READ FIRST] Gallery Connection Troubleshooting/ Status: Online

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I just redownloaded the sims 4 today and I'm searching the gallery for retail/restaurants and literally only 4 or 5 items popup, when I'm pretty sure there are more.

I made sure "maxis curated" wasn't checked.I even removed the filter for 40x20 lot sizes.Any idea?

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Re: [READ FIRST] Gallery Connection Troubleshooting/ Status: Online

@springfairy556 Do you have enough stuff in other categories or is it a problem for all of them ?

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Sims 4 gallery not working.

★★★ Newbie

I just got the sims 4 and tried going to the gallery... It said "Unable to go online, Theres no internet connection available. Please make sure you have a working internet connection to access online content." Ive looked up this problem before, tried EVERYTHING. Uninstalling the sims, restarting my computer, checking my router, editing settings, updating my game, and even clicking the repair option, basically I tried everything anyone online suggested. Origin can connect just fine, as well as everything else on my computer. I found someone having the same problem but the person "helping" them wouldnt work with them bc they thought that they where refusing to try it when in reality they were doing the same thing as me. Trying EVERYTHING, and it just. Wont. Work! Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Re: Sims 4 gallery not working.

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After the 2020 major Snowy Escape update, I had to do a reinstall and lost everything from my gallery.  All my sim, kids, grandchildren, and more.  I was gutted.  Never got it fixed, just had to create a whole new family and search for new houses and items.  All that remained was my showcased items, sadly my family weren't in there.  I cried.  But some months on I've built a new life with new Sims, but I miss the old days with my long time friends (should I call them friends??). I Miss Those Sims so much. Some were foster children, some were blood and we were so happy and excelling in careers.  Where did they all go?  They must be somewhere!

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Re: Sims 4 gallery not working.

★ Novice

I also have this issue. I've had this issue for months and have tried every solution online and even asked my tech-savvy partner for help but they couldn't find the issue either.  I also need help with this and am following on the updates.

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The sims 4 gallery won’t connect to the internet

★★ Novice

Can’t access the gallery

For the past 2 months I have not been able to access the gallery. At first it was just on my home WiFi but I could on a 3G hotspot but that stopped a month ago.

Whenever I try to connect it immediately has the pop up that says it can’t connect. Origin itself has no problems connecting onto either WiFi

I removed all my mods and that didn’t solve the problem, an update has come and gone and I still cannot access the gallery and I was wondering if anyone knows why

Thank you for your time

(Ps im aware this topic has been covered but none of the solutions presented there worked)

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Re: [READ FIRST] Gallery Connection Troubleshooting/ Status: Online

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I really need help with this, I've spoken to two reps from EA in trch support via live chat and tried all suggestions offered to me and this problem still persists. I'm not sure what else to do and this becoming extremely frustrating.

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sims 4

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Hello! I play sims 4 but i cant log in to my library in order to see and download someone else's houses, for example. Can you help me??

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Re: sims 4

@mairigran  What happens when you try to open the Gallery?  If you get an error message, please post a screenshot.


Please also post your game's version number.  At the Main Menu, where you can choose to load a save or start a new one, look along the bottom of the screen, or in the lower right corner.  Please list the entire number, i.e. 1.xx.xx.xxxx.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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