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Previous Sims families gone after making new ones.

by qtashley85127

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Previous Sims families gone after making new ones.

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I have a PC, one day I was trying to build a neighborhood quickly in sims4 so I grabbed a couple of houses off of the community page and when I saved and went to a new family, after placing the house, everything was gone. This happened a long time ago and I was kind of hoping that this would just fix its self but clearly, it's not going to. I could, I deleted all of them yesterday in an attempt to fix the problem, access the familys, lets call this family 1, throw loading and everything would be there but if I saved and when to any other family, this one family 2, and tried to send family 2 to meet family 1, family 1 was no longer on the map. If I had family 1 evict a previous family from the house, on family 2's map it would say that the original family still lives there. If I built a house on an empty lot for family 1, family 2 would see it as an empty lot with no one living there. I have not downloaded any mods that I know of. If anyone can help please do this has been very frustrating.

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Re: Previous Sims families gone after making new ones.

What do you do when you switch between families? What options do you use?


do not work for EA




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