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Premium vs Digital Deluxe

by simgamer13

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Premium vs Digital Deluxe

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What is the difference between the premium edition and digitial deluxe edition?  Does the premium version available in some stores include all of the content of the digital deluxe edition?  Specifically, what is included in the "origin exclusive content" which is supposedly included in the digital deluxe version but not the premium version.

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Re: Premium vs Digital Deluxe

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Get the Origin™-exclusive Digital Deluxe featuring:
  • Life of the Party Digital Content
  • Up All Night Digital Content
  • Awesome Animal Hats Digital Content
  • The Sims 4 Digital Soundtrack




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Re: Premium vs Digital Deluxe

Hero (Retired)

they also have too an option if you bought the standard version you can buy the extra content for about $15


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