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Re: Political Career. Can't promote Cause.

by LillyPutian

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Political Career. Can't promote Cause.

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So I'm trying out the political career and  a work from home assignment is to 'Promote Cause.' But the option isn't there. Screenshot for proof.

Promoting policies doesn't complete the objective.

This a bug? Am i dense and missing something? 

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Re: Political Career. Can't promote Cause.


Have you picked a cause ? Are you using mods in your game ?

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Re: Political Career. Can't promote Cause.

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It is, essentially, a glitch.  Promote cause is for either the Charity Organizer or before you chose which branch of politics you want to take.  It looks like you are in the Politician branch, so no, Promote Cause will not show for you because that is not an interaction allowed in the Politician Branch.  Normally I have only seen this immediately after choosing to go into the Politician Branch (level 5 - Civil Servant) when you chose to Work from Home before the promotion goes through.


At the end of the day, you just have to ignore that task.  If you need the money from the task, get Confident and head to Uptown and make a Confident speech as I am fairly certain that giving speeches also generates money (though at this point I cannot recall for complete certain).




EDIT:  You might want to try the "Promote Policies" social interaction as that is the Politician Branch equivalent of "Promote Cause"; however, I have no idea if that would work or not.  Just a thought.

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Re: Political Career. Can't promote Cause.

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My Sim just got credit for "promoting cause" by having him "rally to the cause".  I had him change his cause before doing this.  Up until that point, rally would not give the credit he needed to fulfill his work requirements.

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Re: Political Career. Can't promote Cause.

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Also, "promoting policies" is promoting the cause and should give you the credit.  Since I first changed my Sim's cause, I haven't had to change it again and it has worked for the rest of the promotion requirements.

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