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by maceymoo1993

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I need help. I was trying to sell a puppy and the adoption agency came. They looked at the dog and then left without it. Now I can’t save the game or enter build mode because it says that you can’t do any of those things whilst a sim is leaving the household. Can someone help me please?

I haven’t saved in a while so if I just exit without saving I’ll loose all of my money and puppies and children. 

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Re: Pets

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I think it is a bug related to this one
Exit the game without saving . You will lose only the last few hours of the game.
Next time before you try to give the puppies for adoption save your game. There is always a chance that the bug may repeat but if this attempt fails you can return to the same time in game.
I don't work for EA
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Re: Pets

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Thank you so much. 


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