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Pc screen freeze sims 4

by Hel1ne28

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Pc screen freeze sims 4

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Screen freexes when making sim in Sims 4. Have to shut down the pc and start all over again, but the same thing is happening again and again. This happend just after i downloaded the Cats and Dogs pack. Can not use what i have paid for. Have the latest update and everything.
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Re: Pc screen freeze sims 4

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Hi @Hel1ne28 


The Cats and Dogs pack was quite a large expansion and proved to be an issue for quite a lot of people, I'll give you 2 links that may help you with the requirements for the game to run well.




If you use Mods & cc they are well known to cause various in-game issues please check for updates to them / where you found them; do this also

Apart from culling your folders one by one, or the  50/50 method, to narrow down the broken cc or mod, that is all you can do, (restarting and checking your game each time) you'll simply need to find the broken mod/cc it and remove it.


Let me know if you still have problems.



Hope this helps, Sasha 



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Re: Pc screen freeze sims 4

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Make sure you don't have any Sims 3 custom content in your Sims 4 mods folder

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Re: Pc screen freeze sims 4

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Hi @Hel1ne28 are you still experiencing the problem?




nb: Checking the requirements of the Cats and Dogs pack as previously explained or removing your mods and cc if you have them?



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