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Pack Codes

by Oreoandcream

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Pack Codes

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When I first downloaded the Sims 4 Cats And Dogs, it was working perfectly until it was freezing up and being slow. When I went off of the game to check out what it is, found what I was looking for, then went back to the sims 4 screen. It now says that my game is running in 32 bit and I need to change it to 64 bit. I called help ea and took the advice that they gave me. But it still doesn't work. So a couple minutes ago I went back on and figured it out...maybe its the pack!!! But I went on google to research how to get rid of it but I need the code it came out with? But I don't know where to find it so if you can please help me!!

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Re: Pack Codes

What did you do to get rid of it?


do not work for EA

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