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PS3 Install freezes at %100

by kmonds1

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Re: PS3 Install freezes at %100

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Hello, were you ever able to get your Sims 3 game to work? If so what all did you do to get it to work?

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Re: PS3 Install freezes at %100

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Is there a way to get the game to not freeze when its at 100%? 

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Re: PS3 Install freezes at %100

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This is a super old thread, as it’s now September of 2019. My gf wanted to play some old PS3 and pulled out sims 3 and had this same problem. We struggled for over an hour but I’d like to post how we fixed it in case anyone is still having this issue. We tried a lot of the individual fixes we could find and none seemed to work until we tried EVERYTHING at once. Here’s what we did, should be able to do all quickly and be up and running. We’re not sure what ultimately fixed the problem so try all of these.


1.Clean the disk

2. Uninstall all game data, there should be 2 files.

3. Goto internet browser > triangle options > tools > clear cache, clear cookies, clear browser history. 

4.Reset your wireless router and modem

5. Run a connection test from ps3

6. From the XMB menu triangle over Sims 3 and manually check for updates, it should install an update at this time. 

7. Restart ps3 console then load game 

8. Lets files install and hopefully finally be able to enjoy.


Only by doing all these things in conjunction were we able to get our game to start. Good luck. 😊

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Re: PS3 Install freezes at %100

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@JSamuelPower I forgot to mention that you should also goto account management and insure your ps3 is ACTIVATED. I did that in the steps above as well even though I know it already was activated as I have no problem playing other games.
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Re: PS3 Install freezes at %100

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i tried everything but It still doesn't work, isn't there a patch or anything likes this?

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Re: PS3 Install freezes at %100

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If the issue persists, confirm the Disc is clean. To clean a Disc, use lint-free cleaning cloths made specifically for cleaning CD/DVD Discs, sold at computer software stores. When cleaning the Disc, we recommend starting from the innermost circle, and wiping out to the edge in a straight line.

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