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PS3 Install freezes at %100

by kmonds1

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PS3 Install freezes at %100

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I recently acquired the PS3 version of Sims 3 and have been unable to install it.  When launching the game it says it needs to update, which completes successfully.  It then says it needs to install game data and DLC to run.  The install process will get all the way to %100 and then permanently freeze the game.  The console is still running fine and I can the frozen install at any time.  There is plenty of space for content on my PS3.  I have tried deleting the game data and starting from the beginning with no luck.  My PS3 system is up to date.


Help please this is very frustrating.

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Re: PS3 Install freezes at %100

Community Manager

Hi kmonds1,


There are several things you can do:


The first thing is, uninstall and reinstall the game.


If that does not help, please try to clear the Cookies and the Cache of your console.

1. From the XMB menu, select Network.
2. Select Internet Browser.
3. After the Internet Browser appears press the Triangle button.
4. Select Tools on the Options menu.
5. Select Delete Cookies or Delete Cache then select Yes to confirm.

If the issue persists, confirm the Disc is clean. To clean a Disc, use lint-free cleaning cloths made specifically for cleaning CD/DVD Discs, sold at computer software stores. When cleaning the Disc, we recommend starting from the innermost circle, and wiping out to the edge in a straight line.

We do not recommend wiping in a circular motion, as it may create more scratches on the Disc.

Note: Other materials, such as a paper towel or a T-shirt, may also scratch the Disc. If there are any scratches, smudges, or fingerprints on the Disc, it may not function properly. Also, do not use or insert any CD/DVD drive cleaners into the Playstation 3 as doing so may cause damage to the system.

Try playing different CDs, DVDs, and games on the Playstation 3 console to see if the problem exists across multiple Discs. Also try playing the Disc on a different Playstation 3 console.


If the game Disc does not work in another system, this is a good indicator that the Disc is damaged or defective. To acquire a replacement game Disc you will want to refer to your manual for warranty information specific to your product.

The options we recommend for game replacement, if needed, are as follows. You may replace the game through the store where you originally purchased it, if that option is still possible. This is by far the faster way to replace your game with a new copy. If the store is no longer able to replace your game, you may then make use of the EA Warranty, found on the inside back of your game manual, or you may use this link: 

If you choose to use the warranty, please read through the instructions carefully. If you have any particular questions regarding the policy, please use the Contact Us link as you have before, and choose Warranty in the Category drop down box to direct your question to the Warranty department of Electronic Arts.



Please let us know if this helped you.




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Re: PS3 Install freezes at %100

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I have exactly the same problem. I KNOW the disc is fine as it works on my slimline ps3, but this issue is on the older non slim line. It is as you described to a tee. Did the help work for you? Any other ideas please EA to solve this?

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Re: PS3 Install freezes at %100

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none of this has helped me out and i have the same problem. My disc is used though, and all other discs work fine.

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Re: PS3 Install freezes at %100

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Ive had this same problems so I decided to get live assistance at the playstation knowledge center and this is what they told me


" Based on what you've described, it seems apparent that your console is not able to maintain a steady connection to the servers necessary to properly download this game file in order to install it correctly.

In this situation, we will need to thoroughly troubleshoot your network connection to make sure that your system has the right permissions to communicate with the SCEA and Third-Party Servers necessary to access account features, download content and updates, use streaming apps and stay signed in with a steady connection.

 Due to network connection issues being highly complex at times, we have found that investigating the issue would be most effectively resolved over the phone. If you would be so kind, please contact us by phone between the hours of 6:00AM to 10:00PM Pacific Time, 7 days a week at 1-800-345-7669 and one of our knowledgeable specialists will be happy to resolve these network issues at your convenience."

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Re: PS3 Install freezes at %100

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If this is happening to more than one person don't you think EA needs to fix the problem? Don't rely on the consumer to fix it. This is totaly unacceptable, it enrages me that this still isn't fixed just because the ps4 came out doesn't mean you half * fix a game on last gen seriously get your act together this is pathetic...
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Re: PS3 Install freezes at %100

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Did you ever find a solution or is it the same, I just now got this problem and it sucks -.-

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Re: PS3 Install freezes at %100

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This doesn't help. Im very disappointed.
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Re: PS3 Install freezes at %100

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Is there anyone interest with solution in EA??? Shame on you! 

You promoted this game but you wouldn't give enough support about all these issues.

We paid money for this product but PS3 users haven't play sims3 nearly for three years because of your incompetent approaches.

When will you find a solution for it ?

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Re: PS3 Install freezes at %100

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Electronic Arts,

What's is your plan? How will you solve this problem?? 

We haven't playing Sims 3 on PS3 platform since 2013's last quarter.It's almost three years.

Waiting for your reply!


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