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PC Sims

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Ive trying to play sims for a couple days  now , but the origin won't let me log in. It has been saying that online login is unavaibable. I have turned off my computer, my router, deleted the app and re downloaded it and nothing. what do i do?

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Hi @aliceabigail97 


Sims forum are here you are on simpson forum.


There are big connection issues on Origin, which are known to EA teams. They are actually working on and we waiting an update.


Try these:


and this thread



The best thing to do when this occurs takes a couple of minutes to go through the following steps:

If nothing work try to contact EA assistance they can maybe help you.



If they are no solution sadly you will do waiting the next Origin Update.


If we have answer to your question please accept solution, if you like a post please granted xp Standard smile.

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Re: PC Sims


Only one question
Are you on PC /Windows or Mac?

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