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Re: Outdoor Retreat Worlds Not Working

by DonroaAkashu

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Outdoor Retreat Worlds Not Working

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So, I have all the Sims 4 packs and content, but the destination worlds (Granite Falls, Selvadorada) will not work. I use CC, but I had taken all of it out before to repair my game for another issue, and the Outdoor Retreat worlds still said that there aren't any rental units left. I go into the worlds, check all the lots, and I can't change them back because they were never changed in the first place. I don't think it's a mod problem, otherwise it would have been fixed when I had nothing in the game for my separate issue. I don't know what else to do, and it's really annoying that I paid for this content but can't use it. Any suggestions?

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Re: Outdoor Retreat Worlds Not Working

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@nikichik76  What do you mean with no rentals left? Are there sims in them? You can evict them from Manage World View. Could you post a picture?

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Re: Outdoor Retreat Worlds Not Working

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I don't know how to take pictures in the game or else I would have posted pictures, but let me explain more before I go fiddle with trying to figure that out. My Sims can't even travel to either world. There's a yellow triangle by the sun icon where they're located, and it says "this world is unavailable because there are no rental units left". I've looked at other forums and they say to switch the lot types back to rental types because somehow they get changed, but mine aren't. There are no other sims in the rental units when I go in there manually. I just literally cannot send my Sims to these worlds for whatever reason. The forums also said to do a bunch of stuff with my CC which I have done, but the problem still persists, so I don't think it's my CC.

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Re: Outdoor Retreat Worlds Not Working

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@nikichik76  You can take a picture with Windows: Shift+windows key+S, see if that works.

Since you have mods, please first try in a new folder anyway: rename you current user folder to The Sims 4original
Then start the game, and make a random sim, and try to go to Granite Falls. Does it work?

if it works, then copy paste your latest save from the old folder, and into the new one, in the equivalent folder (saves); and test again, by reloading the game and loading your save.
Let me know if I should explain this differently.

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