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Origin download wont complete keeps resetting

by Purdy81

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Origin download wont complete keeps resetting

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purchased humble bundle, redeemed codes fine.


Sims 3 download gets to around 90% the resets back down to around 70% and will not complete.


Ive completley removed all data and started a fresh download but the same things keeps happening.


Any ideas? First time ive used origin.



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Re: Origin download wont complete keeps resetting

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Same except with crysis 3, cant patch the game after installing the DVD version(iv done every step to troubleshoot it so if people give me the standard advice, take it to someone who does not know what to do with a PC). And no help is coming from EA, there ignoring the problem and hoping it will go away. Ill be getting refunds soon if this keeps up.

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Sims 3 +Expansions repeatedly failing to download

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I've just purchased the Sims 3 as part of the Humble Bundle, and the game has yet to pass 60% download completion.

It usually reverts to 17% or 0%, and the game client frequently crashes. I can imagine there's a lot of stress on the servers right now, but that shouldn't have an impact on the portions of the game I've already downloaded. I've read that Origin downloads games in chunks of 25% before verifying that chunk and either keeping it or deleting it, so I can't imaging why it's reverted to ) after being at nearly 60%.

My internet connection is pretty slow; I never get more than around 800kb/s, so when a large amount of the download suddenly disappears it just sucks for everyone in my house including me who will suffer from the reduced bandwidth. I can barely stream a single youtube video when a download is in progress.


Note: I've granted admin permissions to the origin client, and added it to the firewall's trusted applications to prevent any interference with the connection on my end.

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Re: Origin download wont complete keeps resetting

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Community Manager

If you can, you should try connecting directly with an Ethernet cable rather than wirelessly as this will give a more stable connection.


Also try the troubleshooting steps in the following help.ea articles:



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Re: Origin download wont complete keeps resetting

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I don't think it's an issue of wifi connections being unstable.


My computer is directly connected to the router via an ethernet cable, but it always fails to download. The main issue seems to be the huge packet sizes the Origin client has to verify. Anything over 1gb, and you can be pretty sure there will be some data loss.


The worst thing is that this issue has been going on for several years, and they haven't done a thing to fix it. Smaller packet sizes of better verification techniques would stop us having to spend +20hours and +50gb to get a simple 10gb file.

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Re: Origin download wont complete keeps resetting

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I managed to complete the Late Night DLC by disabling my firewall (Comodo) and opening the following ports as suggested by the help page:

  • TCP: 80; 443; 9960-9969; 1024-1124; 18000; 18120; 18060; 27900; 28910; 29900
  • UDP: 1024-1124; 18000; 29900

My download for the main game has fallen back by about 15%, but I'm hoping that's just because part of it was already a bad download.
For now (given the amount of times it failed), it seems that port forwarding and shutting off the firewall has helped.

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Re: Origin download wont complete keeps resetting

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I just had this problem today whilst downloading dead space 3. downloading at a steady but nice and stable 500kb/s until i got to about 8 gb. at which point i opened a link to youtube that a friend had sent. the momentary loss of bandwidth managed to stop the download somehow causing a whole 4 gb to apparently get deleted.


 Not only that but the previous day when i started the download it happened at least 3 times going from approx 50% down to 20%.


In total i had this game trying to dowload for a total of about 28 hours and have only managed a pityful 48% at the time of writing. that is a total of about 5gb. all because origin deletes data at the slightest pause in connection to the internet.


i have even tried to overwrite the game folder with a backup i made before it lost the 4gb but it is having none of it and just removes the files that were added.


i have no trouble downloading from other programs. so it seems there is a major flaw with the way origin works, especially as it appears many others have the same issue.


i will continue to persist with my download until it succeeds. however i am now reluctant to buy anything else through origin.



P.s. i have the whole time had my firewall temporarilly disabled for the purposes of this download.

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Re: Origin download wont complete keeps resetting

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try this to stop that looping of the download


Launch Origin and log in with your account
- Click Origin in the top left (main menu)
- Select Application Settings
- From General tab, scroll down to "Update to the beta version if available" and tick the checkbox
- Restart Origin

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Re: Origin download wont complete keeps resetting

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Same here...


Usually download keeps freezing every couple of hundred mg -have to terminate process in task manager


Then after over a week of trying (Humble - Deep Space 3), I got to 60%, suddenly reset to ZERO and I have to start all over again!! NOT a happy bunny.


Origin technical support sucks - waited 30 minutes to 'speak' to someone.


They 'borrowed' my account and then reported back to me that 'it works OK here and could they help with anything else?????????????????'




Completed the Satisfaction survey afterwards and you can perhaps guess my responses.


Having to disable firewall/virus checker is an absolute disgrace.


BTW Deep Space (original) downloads like a charm on Steam...

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Re: Origin download wont complete keeps resetting

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Same here


Won't touch Origin with the proverbial barge-pole in the future

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