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Origin Will Not Let Me Open Sims 3

by MissSeymour11

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Origin Will Not Let Me Open Sims 3

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Oh boy I have been having so many issues. First I got Sims 3 and then Pets. Got to play all day and then it started crashing. I literally tried everything before having to uninstall everything. Then redownloaded it and it worked lovely for the few hours I played. Hopped back on a minute ago and now Origin is the issue. I can't catch a break and I just want to play. So Origin will let me login, see my games and what not. I click on Sim 3 and the Play Tab is like clear I can't click it. I have tried to run as administrator and a pop up window to allow Origin change settings pop up. I hit okay and then Origin pops up but same issue. Then i pulled the Sims 3 game launcher out but when I click on it it will not do anything. I already uninstalled Origin once. I am going crazy PLEASE HELP I JUST WANT TO PLAYYY 

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Re: Origin Will Not Let Me Open Sims 3

@MissSeymour11  Please click on Sims 3 in your game library, then click on the gear icon below the Play tab, and post a screenshot of what you see.  Please also let me know if you currently have or have ever had an EA Play subscription, and how you originally bought Sims 3: through Origin, through Steam, via disc, or through EA Play.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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