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Re: Ongoing Pets Glitch

by puzzlezaddict

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Ongoing Pets Glitch

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I own all the Sims 3 expansion and stuff packs. I do not use Origin as I am using V1.67 and prefer it that way. My question, The Pets pack installation must be glitched as all pets constantly snap back to mailbox area, even wild animals will constantly reset. This happens in all my worlds. Can I just reinstall the Pets Expansion and leave everything else alone? When I put my CD disk in, it asks if I want to "completely remove the selected application and all of its features" Does this mean it will remove ONLY Pets and allow me to reinstall it? Or must I restart from scratch and reinstall everything?  I have a lot of custom files and mods which all seem to work perfectly fine. Lastly, I removed all Pets mods as a test, the glitch remains of constantly resetting. Also in CAP the animals are badly distorted. It wasn't always this way and am not sure why it is now glitched. Please help.

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Re: Ongoing Pets Glitch

@lindalu761  You could certainly remove Pets without uninstalling the rest of the game.  But the issue is probably not in the program files.  Pets is the most demanding expansion pack by a clear margin, and not all systems can run it properly.  You might also have some corruption in your Sims 3 game folder, as in, the one in Documents\Electronic Arts.


A good test would be to pull that entire game folder out of Documents\EA and test in a completely new save.  If pets act normally, then you'll know that the issue is your mods or cc—not necessarily pets-related content—or corruption in your game folder.  You can test your mods and cc in batches in the new folder to see whether they still cause problems, remove the bad content, and copy over your saves and anything else you want to keep once the new game folder is running smoothly.  If you'd like help with this process, let me know.


If, on the other hand, you'd prefer just to uninstall Pets and move on, then go ahead.  The one extra step you'll need to take is to delete the registry entry for Pets, or else you may not be able to launch your game at all.  You can delete the entry manually or with a tool like Piriform's CCleaner.  Please be careful, as deleting system entries can cause your computer to stop working entirely.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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