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ORIGIN ISSUE? Origin says game is not its not installed

by GordonBFreeman82

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ORIGIN ISSUE? Origin says game is not its not installed

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I've been having a lot of issues with the sims 4 lately but this one is straight up not letting me play.

it claims the game is not installed even though it is, when i click download it just says its not installed and to install it or retry. rinse and repeat.

anyone know what to do?

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Re: ORIGIN ISSUE? Origin says game is not its not installed

@GordonBFreeman82  Try doing a clean uninstall and reinstall of Origin:


  • Quit Origin, then right-click on the Task Bar and open the Task Manager.  Scroll through looking for Origin entries.  If you find any, click on them and End Task.
  • Clear Origin's cache.
  • Download Revo Uninstaller (the free version is fine) from here.
  • Launch Revo, select Origin from the list, and click Uninstall.
  • When it finishes uninstalling, select "Moderate" under "scanning modes," and click Scan.
  • If Revo finds any remaining registry entries, select all, delete, and click Next.
  • Revo will display "Remaining Data and Folders."  Select all of them except for the "Origin Games" folder, if it appears.  (This is where Sims 4 and other Origin games are installed by default.)  Delete the rest.
  • Close Revo, and restart your computer.

Next, download the full Origin installer and run it.  Here's the direct download link:


Be sure to run both the installer and Origin itself as an admin: right-click on each and select "Run as Administrator."


If this doesn't help, please open your Origin game library, right-click on the Sims 4 icon, and take a screenshot of the options you see.  Please also let me know whether your game is from Origin or Steam.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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