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[OPEN] Codes instead of text/ Blank text and bubbles

by crinrict

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Re: [ISSUE] Codes instead of text/ Blank text and bubbles

Community Manager

Hi @t22j28lorna,


Can you tell us if the text you are missing is from a certain pack? Also, which of the methods in the first post of this thread have you tried?




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sims 4 no show words

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My Sims 4 has an issue that does not show the word in notice board and bubbles some times.

Thank you!

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Re: sims 4 no show words

Community Manager

Hi @amyzhangtt,


I've merged your post to a thread where we are talking about this issue. Could you take a look to the suggestions in the first post of this thread? They should help you fix your game Wink



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Sims 4 blank bubbles

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I have emailed you about this once before and had no reply. I am a huge sims 4 lover but every time I go to play my game and click on anything from a toddler to a bed, table and fire place blank command bubbles!!!! They have hunted me for ages. when I downloaded sims 4 get together these problems have started to occur. I saw the you tuber Emma Blackery has had the very same issues with her blank bubbles, this problem also creates new items with no description '*DEBUGG*' this is all I get when I click on a new item. All the new toddler items have this problem, I have no idea what any of the toddlers want they all just have blank bubbles. I have all of your expantion packs and I am quite annoyed to tell you 80% of them have this major issue! if you can not fix this I would like my money back. Trinitycat101  

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Re: Sims 4 blank bubbles

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EA Sims Team

Hi @Trinitycat101


Can you try the workarounds in this post and let us know if it fixes the issue?

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Re: [Info Request] Codes instead of text - FIX

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Thanks so much Fish, a solution that finally worked, my daughter is over the moon, game has been half broken since the toddler update. Thanks again :D :D :D

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Re: [OPEN] Codes instead of text/ Blank text and bubbles

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I tried changing the language, it works! I changed it back and every single option shows up. It's so much better, thank you!

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Re: [OPEN] Codes instead of text/ Blank text and bubbles

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didn't work Frown    HELP ME

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Re: [OPEN] Codes instead of text/ Blank text and bubbles


Hi @r6eron


did you try all three methods ? What language is your game in ?

Happy Gaming


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Re: [OPEN] Codes instead of text/ Blank text and bubbles

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i dont run any mods on my sims & this had littrally happened over night last week it just stopped showing anything to do with the expansions in any sims bubbles or items from them or even when you want to buy something.
ive not purchased any new games for my sims recently & this really worrys me help

 its a very similar message to trinty cat above
i also have no where to back my sims files up to try method 2 as method 1 doesnt give me a new language to pick at all

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