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Re: Not enough space for Sims 4 download help please!

by roberta591

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Not enough space for Sims 4 download help please!

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Hi. FYI this is not for me this is for my cousin I am just trying to help out.


So, my cousin has literally just got a new laptop for her birthday and she loves playing The Sims 4 on my laptop. She told me she had not downloaded anything onto her laptop but still did not have enough space to buy The Sims 4 as she had attempted many times. She hasn't taken any pictures or done anything to her knowledge that would take up space on her laptop. I am a newbie on laptops and so I am not too sure but can you buy extra space for laptops? This would be extremely helpful and I can't wait to be able to play Sims alongside her. (I know you can't play The Sims 4 with someone but whenever I talk to her about it or she plays on mine, she gets really annoyed and frustrated that she can't get it too). Thank you for reading!!! XXX Frown


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Re: Not enough space for Sims 4 download help please!

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Please post a DxDiag.
You can attach the txt file directly to your answer.

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Re: Not enough space for Sims 4 download help please!

@PoppySweetKitty1   First you need a basic understanding how operating systems (Windows) works. One of the operations (there are many things the operating system does) is allow the internet browser to download files. The file size of the Sims games are large and you need to have enough free space on your system device for the download. When the download begins there is a temporary file created for the download. When the download completes that temporary file is copied (not moved) to the intended destination. For this operation to successfully complete you need enough free space on your system device twice the size of the download if the destination is also on the system device (by default the destination is also usually (unless directed to a secondary storage device) on the system device). When this is complete the original temporary file may or may not get removed (deleted). There are other functions of the operating system that use temporary files on the system device. I recommend no less then 500Gb for the casual user for the system device especially if the user plans to run games that are expandable the the Sims games. I also recommend there is 100Gb remain free for the operating system. When the operating system gets installed a page file is created for virtual memory. Depending on the program you are running this file gets used. When there is not enough free space the operating system slows down and may crash. You need to post your computers dxdiag to know how your computer is set up.


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