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Re: No space left on PC but still want to use cc

by Sashas0nic

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No space left on PC but still want to use cc

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I have no space left on my PC and i cant delete anything else. I bought an external drive that has 5 terabytes on it and i put some stuff on there to make more space on my PC but ive run out again. I tried downloading the CC onto the external but it doesnt come up in the game. Someone help me!

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Re: No space left on PC but still want to use cc

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Hi @kennicakes1023 Are you absolutely sure about your space? There's TreeSize Free by Jam Software on the web, or in the Microsoft app store, or also the Windows feature in Settings: "Storage Sense",  that can thoroughly go through your files, to find the space culprits. As they search the file tree's you may be surprised what you find, I know I was, cannot entirely remember the worst culprit.. but the results were fantastic.


Afterwards, now have a constant 300gb free space (as I play a lot of games) I also moved any screenshots, inc videos to a removable drive.. Oh, and all old saves no longer needed (per game, not just Sims) delete, or move.


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Re: No space left on PC but still want to use cc

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@Sashas0nic yes, im sure. they all say that the file "program files" is taking up all my space, but when I moved that file onto my external, nothing worked anymore. It said it needs all of the exes to be on my computer and not the external.
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Re: No space left on PC but still want to use cc

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@kennicakes1023 Yes, that is correct sorry.. Sims does need to run on your pc directly

(edit: or at least I thought so) 


Meant to be more clear, that by running the apps I mentioned, you will find things (not sim related usually) that are using too much space and will be delete-able


Either way, I'd still use the apps I mention to clear more space. Good luck though. Thumbs up

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Re: No space left on PC but still want to use cc

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@kennicakes1023  You can definitely install Sims 4 on an external hard drive, and you can move the user files (saves, mods and custom content, etc.) to the external as well.  To be clear, these are two separate steps.  Additionally, if you use more than one external device with this computer, you need to be careful to always connect them in the same order, so the drive with your game data always has the same letter assigned to it.  Windows assigns drive letters in the order the devices appear, so if you switch around the order, the drive letters change too.


You don't necessarily need to do both of the following, depending on how much space you currently have left.  Simply moving the user folder may be enough, and performance will be better if the game's program files (what Origin installs) are on the internal drive.  But in case it's helpful, here are instructions for both.


To move the installed game, first create a new folder on the external drive.  (Call it whatever you want.)  Open your Origin game library, right-click on the Sims 4 icon, select Move Game, and choose the folder you created.  Origin will do the rest.


To move the Sims 4 user folder, you'll need to use a symbolic link.  Please follow these instructions very carefully:


It's a good idea to back up your saves elsewhere (e.g. a different external device, or a different folder on this external drive) before doing the above, just in case.


Finally, if you're moving both sets of dats, you'll need to organize the folders on the external drive so that you're not trying to put two "The Sims 4" folders in the same location.  For example, you could make a folder called Games where you move the game's installed files, and another called User Data where you move the user folder with your saves and custom content.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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