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New bug?

by Lou_bel_11

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New bug?

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when loading up my game today on my laptop, some of the expansion pack icons where replaced with llamas. I thought this just might be a small glitch, so I started a new game and went into CAS, when Cas was loaded there is no visable sim to edit. I have restarted the game also uninstalled all of my mods and tried playing mod free. However, this still did not work, could this be a new bug due to the most recent patch? --- 09/10/19 Disappointed Frown 

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Re: New bug?

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@Lou_bel_11 This definitely sounds like a mod-related issue. Have you attempted repairing your game with the mods taken out?
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Re: New bug?

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@AriaMad2 As I previously stated I uninstalled all mods and tried again without then but the same problem keeps happening
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Re: New bug?

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When adding/testing/deleting mods and/or cc it is important to delete the localthumbcache.package and any other cache files.
Testing on a vanilla (no mods/cc) folder is the best way to investigate causes of issues.

Move The Sims 4 folder to the desktop or somewhere safe. Start the game and let it generate all new fresh folders. 

With nothing added back in (no Mods/CC or previous saves etc) start a test game to see if the issue is resolved.

Instructions are in the link below:
Troubleshooting tips


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All packs installed and patches are current.

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