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New Sims 4 Questions and suggestions...

by PrincessKLS

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New Sims 4 Questions and suggestions...

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Okay I've been a fan of yours since the Sims 3. I did notice that it was progressive enough that if a woman proposed to a man he would take her name. I was wondering though, could you add an option for the woman or man not to take either name after marriage and/or hyphenate names, as what happens in real life? Also in the case of a woman remarrying, why do you have that the children automatically take the new father's name? Especially with the grown up children. In real life, this doesn't always happen. Also perhaps you can offer the option for a single, pregnant lady to give the name of the biological father and/or hyphenate the names? This also reflects real life. 


Also as a person over the age of 18, I'd like to have the option of an adults-only version of the Sims that doesn't have the censoring and also has other "Woohoo" options. 


P.S. Will the Sims 4 come in download format for Windows 8?



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Re: New Sims 4 Questions and suggestions...


There's no info about that. I would ask the SimGurus on Twitter or post in the official forums in the Sims 4 section.


There's not going to be an adult version. There never was. Sims have pixels unless you mod them out.


There's no info on the specs either. Monitor this thread for further info:

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