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Re: No Download Button for Bought Sims 3 Expansion

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EA games is absolutely hopeless/Pathetic. I have been on live chat, they tried to tell me that it was an issue reported only last month, I proved them wrong. I said it is not good enough and I am being passed off. I saved the transcript of my chat. Honestly, I'm disgusted. EA You people get paid to work, So DO Your JOB.

Remtluangzeli (08/09/2023, 18:04:55): Thank you for contacting EA HELP, my name is Remtluangzeli, may I start with your first name please?
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:05:12): HI Remtluangzeli!
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:05:50): oh sorry
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:05:54): I'm Rory
Remtluangzeli (08/09/2023, 18:06:38): HI Rory, Nice to meet you. I hope you are doing well.
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:07:00): Thank you, I am well! I also hope you are well
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:07:28): okay So I have a problem with some content I purchased
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:10:07): I have just purchased the sims 3 "high end lot" stuff pack. I have tried all online solutions. My game has no download button next to it and I see the only way to help it is to uninstall the entire game which i do not want to have to do
Remtluangzeli (08/09/2023, 18:11:36): Thank you so much for sharing your concern. If I understand it correctly, your concern is that you bought a pack and there is no download bottom on your game and also need to uninstall the entire game. Right?
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:13:10): No, I do not want to uninstall the game but after much research online, people have had to unfortunately uninstall their sims which they did not want to do. earlier this year I had no problem with downloading extras, the download button seems to have disappeared
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:13:48): all I want to do is download and install my newly purchased sims 3 stuff pack to add to my game
Remtluangzeli (08/09/2023, 18:13:59): Thank you so much for the confirmation. I completely understand your concern. Please be assured that I will try my best to assist you with the same.
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:14:09): Thank you
Remtluangzeli (08/09/2023, 18:14:16): Before we go ahead, may you please help me with your registered email address linked with EA?
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:14:25): [edit: email address removed]
Remtluangzeli (08/09/2023, 18:14:58): Thank you for the email address, may I know in which platform your facing this issue?
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:15:05): PC
Remtluangzeli (08/09/2023, 18:16:10): Thank you for the information, may I know what kind of troubleshooting have you done before?
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:16:35): I cleared the cache
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:18:13): After seeing many people with the same issue who have tried all the troubleshooting, I gathered that none of it was going to work, unless I uninstall the game and it re downloads with the new expansion adding itself on. I have looked in the expansions list and it is not there. I do not want to uninstall my game
Remtluangzeli (08/09/2023, 18:19:55): Thank you so much for the information, I really appreciate your time and patience.
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:20:13): thank you
Remtluangzeli (08/09/2023, 18:20:49): First I would like to apologized to you that you have face this issue. Trust me this is not what we want to happen to you.
Remtluangzeli (08/09/2023, 18:20:51): As I have checked your account, everything is perfectly fine, I get this case checked with my team as well, and it is been confirmed that there are many players who have reported this over the globe.
Remtluangzeli (08/09/2023, 18:21:00): Good thing is that, this has been brought into the notice of the concerned team and they are diligently working to fix it as soon as possible. I would request you to wait for some time till this gets through. I know nobody likes to wait however rest assured the team is actively working on it and the issue is being addressed on priority. I hope you can understand.
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:21:29): I saw the requests in March
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:21:34): that was a while ago
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:22:39): I would like to resolve this issue today
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:23:07): without uninstalling my game
Remtluangzeli (08/09/2023, 18:23:46): I understand that and I kindly request you to please wait for sometime as this is an ongoing issue and the team is already working on this, so we will resolved this as soon as possible.
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:24:00): it has been 5 months
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:24:55): that is too long for a simple issue, If it cannot be resolved, I would like a refund of the $19.99 AUD
Remtluangzeli (08/09/2023, 18:25:12): I kindly request you to not uninstall your game right now, please wait for the team, and this issue was only mention last month. You might have seen different issues.
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:25:29): No, it was the very issue
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:25:35): They all stated March
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:26:40):
Remtluangzeli (08/09/2023, 18:27:18): I understand that but kindly please do wait for some more time, I know waiting is not the solution that you want but I assure you that the team is working on this and we will try to resolved this issue as soon as possible.
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:28:11): Well that is not good enough for me, what it will take 6-12 months to fix a simple issue? I am now requesting a refund of $19.99 AUD
Remtluangzeli (08/09/2023, 18:30:55): Had it been possible from my end, I would have done it for you. I hope that you understand my limitation here. If there was any possible way to proceed with your request, I wouldn't have given a second thought here. I kindly request you to uninstall your game and reinstall you game also make sure your computer is updated.
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:30:55): This is not acceptable
Remtluangzeli (08/09/2023, 18:33:22): I understand that and I know how you will feel. Please do not worry as the issue is know by us and dedicated team is working on this, I can assure you that this will be resolved as soon as possible.
RORYDALLAS (08/09/2023, 18:34:21): Well, you work for EA. You need to press the issue against the Developers. It is your job and duty to do so. I will be extremely unhappy if I have to uninstall My Game. Just because the sims 3 is not the "Latest game" sims 4 with is by the way a complete let down, doesn't mean there are no players.....there is a vast community of Sim 3ers who are left in the same position I am in. Who's idea was it do kill off Origin, that was a very successful platform. EA app has been unacceptable

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Re: Sims 3 Into The Futre

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this doesn't work unfortunetly 


I can only install base game , none of the xpacs and packs 

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Re: Sims 3 Into The Futre

@larissacabral  For no packs installing at all, please see this thread:


It's a different issue than the one covered here, which is that some packs install but others do not.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: No Download Button for Bought Sims 3 Expansion

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OMG IM LITERALLY going thru this right now.... im trying to add university, pets, and seaons to my dang game and i cant find the download button

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